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Tabletop Mummy Horde (77144 and 2156)

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Nice! I too am in need of mummies! Luckily, with the Halloween promotions going on next week, I should get a ghoulie bag to go with my ghoulie mummies and other assorted stuff! I really like how you did the faces! (Thriller is the song that came to my mind when I saw the group shot, lol)

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Those look great.


So what's a group of mummies called? A shamble of mummies...A pyramid of mummies...? Something else?


Given the era during which such collective nouns were all the rage and how mummies were treated then, I propose that this is a cord of mummies.

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The Living Impaired Lads painted up BEAUTIFULLY; you have a flair for funeral wrappings. OUTSTANDING WORK!

All lined up like that they have the look of a Michael Jackson style chorus line.

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