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Here we are, a new month and a new (or old) set of goals to achieve.


I'm going to try to be realistic here with how fast I paint, but there are things I have to get done by deadlines.


  • Catacombs Barbarian - Want to get him done by the 15th so that I can enter him into a contest ran by Catacombs. Done!
  • Figure Exchange (on the side) with a friend coming to Vegas next month. - Starting on it
  • Figure Exchange (on the side) with another friend, this is a 2-figure vignette. - Haven't started
  • Work on the 54mm Figure for the 54mm+ challenge. - Didn't get a chance
  • Work on my brother's VERY late diorama, gotta pick away at it. - No additional work.
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Oh October! Should be a calm month (relatively). Lets see if I can make a realistic list.


  • Finish Fall Exchange by monday Oct 12.
  • Finish COMPLETELY D&D figures.
  • Photograph, edit and post on finish figures.
  • Complete back story for barbarian Sith
    • Finish drawing of his Light-Ax
  • Continue plotting out SW Campaign
    • Take concrete steps to find players.
  • Look into my budget to get a Back-to-base-ix paint rack(s).
    • Re-plan new desk layout.
  • DO NOT purchase any miniatures on impulse.


That should be manageable in small chunks

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28 old west figures for post Thanksgiving game day.


7 Renegades, 7 Banditos, 7 Lawmen and 7 Outlaws.  Also 5 more horses to paint.  All are primed and about a third are half done.  Still for me it will be a challenge.


After that I have the other 60 minis to paint for my friend.  (not counting the other 2/3rds of the bones that are not done yet.)

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I quit doing this for a while out of frustration with being bottlenecked on Bloodbowl minis.  Going to give it another go.


Finish Halloween Contest entry  10/5 - YAY!  This was the biggie on my list.  I started it last month and really wanted it done by the firs week of October so I could get to others.

Paint a mini representing my Champions character in the new game we're starting.  REALLY pleased to have finished this one despite not having touched the Critter Commandos with just a few days to go.  Wound up doing something really interesting with real water effects and junk from a nail art kit to simulate "power armor" made from gemstones.  It's not a prize worthy finish, but given the difficulty of it and the fact I totally winged it, I'm taking "good enough" as a win at this point.


Paint 2 turtles from my son's Critter Commandos


Leaving my list modest to get back into the swing of posting (and hopefully meeting) goals.

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I think the best thing to do is set realistic goals with how fast/slow you paint. So I know I can get 4-6 done per month if I sit down at my desk and work, it's a matter of motivation sometimes. I know others do 1-2 per month and still others can kick out 1-2 per day easily. 

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- Finish exchange figure before next week

- Ship it before the deadline

- Order new Reaper stuff

- Start painting the Neth-y I'm gonna get

- Maybe go to Artist-Con

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Goals?  Um..I suppose I need to finish painting my hippogryph conversion (pics in WIP).

And I've got a request for a dream/fantasy library that I need to at least plan out and get building (thanks to minibart for some extra inspiration).

Finish some commission Wood Elves and Dryads and a treeman.

That's probably plenty for October with my record of completion...

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Got most of my September goals complete.   So this month I will goes easy, but with a local convention that I am in charge of and a big trip at the end of the month, I don't know if I will get to any of this:


1.  6 5 sets of Settlers of Catan markers for a friends Christmas present    1 down 10/10

2.  Regular Martha Jones and the Maid version as well as a dozen armed school boys for my Dr Who game

3.  2 mini-exchanges that 2 very well meaning folks have obliged my to paint (not that I mind, just a lot to do this month) 

4.  Thundar the Barbarian and Ariel - buddy's game on the back burner (so is the painting)

5.  More Neverborn for my Malifaux crew  -  9 Terror tots 10/26

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My goal is to paint another 8. I am almost finished with the Freebooter huntress, do that should be an easy one. I want to start on Tom Meier's teddy bear picnic, but I suppose I should work on some of the larger figures first....

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      Hard Mode Challenge 2!
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      As always, the game is made up and the points don't matter!
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      Neat sculpts, the next KS is going to be fun
      I wish Reaper's breakdown of judging criteria actually reflected how high bases score. Looking at their little percentage breakdown, you would never know that the base was so important . 
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      Greetings and Salutations fellows Miniature Hobbyists! 
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      I am a novice painter. I use miniature painting to help with my PTSD. I was told that there are competitions which one could submit entries online, but I have had little to no luck finding any that are up and coming, or still exist at all.
      Can anyone please assist? Thank you in advance! ✌️
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      First, High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus.


      He's #77200 Sir Conlan
      The blue and green, while visually dull, will be a recurring theme among the NPCs. The kingdom's heraldry is a gold crown and white lion over a blue and green field. 
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