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Looking to build my first paint set

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40 for the bag, 75 for free shipping., but the build your own paint kit with free caddy is 52 paints at once


$35 gets free shipping.  Profiles says they are located in Indiana.


Well if you have to get all 52 paints at one time then no way to break up the order anyhow.  But either way, place it on Monday and get a few freebies.

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I would suggest a couple of Odder Metalics. Adamantine Black, Pearl White and a darker Bronze Color too. As for the Last Paint Color, go for an unusual color, especially one that would be difficult to mix up yourself. Finally, if you wait to order once the October Special is happening, You will get a Free Bottle of Pink Paint for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, among other things.



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 I started building a paint list, got maybe ten paints in and gave up. There was so much to look through and pick out, my eyes started to cross. Anyways, I'm totaly gonna piggy back off your list and if you can, post a picture of the caddy when you get it? I have a caddy from vallejo and it comes with a dense piece of foam that has circles cut out, the bottles fit snug. I wonder what the quality of reapers caddy is.

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Paint Set, Caddy, and Ghoulie Bag came in today!


Here are a couple pictures of just the caddy with 54 paints in it. I think I recall reading that the caddy holds 112, but even though I have more - I just wanted to show what a Build-Your-Own paint set looks like.


The little dividers at the bottom/front of the caddy are fixed. But it comes with some other dividers that you can then use to make differently-sized areas. That way if it isn't full, your paints don't just slide all over the place.


Anyway, one picture is sort of overhead so that you can see how much room in a caddy a paint set takes up (aka, how much room is open for you to buy more!). The second is a more front view, to show the clearance. There is just a little bit - the caps don't touch the lid. But there isn't much clearance.






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