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Norsgard - Kickstarter 2


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Our kickstater is alreadly alive:






Hello again,


I guess you already now that 2nd Norsgard KS is coming. I had such a warm welcome last time. I hope that this time you will be also happy with Norsgard miniatures.


So, first of all this KS will focus on two new armies:


Outregard - evil & undead elves and their wulfkins are ready to take vengeance on the noble orcs


Egir Tribe - fishermen & sailors in Norsgard world. In brief they are barbarians, but a lot of their weapons and armors use fish bones and shells.


Of course we will not forget about first three armies. You can count for unreleased minis for them and I hope that this time we will finally get first cavalry. Orcs riders are waiting!


Kickststarter will start on 1st November and will rougly last two weeks.


This time no book. Only minis. I have to catch a breath after first book.

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LOVE NORSGARD figures! :wow:


They are very high quality and great details, were delivered very close to on time the last time even with the problems they had with the book.



Hellz yes, I'll be backing... maybe not for ALL of them this time with the holidays coming up, but a nice chunk to be sure.

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Can someone sneak the sneak pics to this thread? :D

They have shown a couple things on facebook, but mostly concept art. This is an Outregard Wulfkin. They are enemies of the Wulfkin from the first kickstarter:


They work with these ladies, who are apparently undead elves:


Eigir tribe members:




Then there are these ladies, who are part of the Howling Horde (I didn't see direct confirmation they are in the new ks, but Ysil_Guard did say there will be new units for the existing armies):


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Here we go with some answers:


1. Outregard


Wulfkins in Outregard are not sworn enemies of wulfkins from the Alliance of the Bat.... Those who have the rulebook - read the background of the Obsidian Duellist. Do you know from where they have those anti-magic amulets? Let's say that Outregard armies will not have any true magician (they will use their own souls for some magic-like effects)... so, are you still sure that there is any kind of hatred between wulfkins?


Elves will be true soulless and undead. All of them will have stitches, because their bodies never regenerate. Yes, it will be the army from old IGG campaign, but totally re-done. Only concept arts some concept arts will be the same. Sculpts will be new. Yes, we started sculpting from zero.


2. Old armies


Old armies will get some sculpts as add-ons.


*Scarlet Watch: Nifl Guard (great sculpt much bigger than first one you will love it!) and a new commander.


*Howling Horde: Hlle Huntress, Persecutors (normal release mid-October), and a new commander.


*Alliance of the Bat: Obsidian Duelist, Iron Guard & Ranger (one blister 2 minis), new unit - dwarf miner (miner will have some nice interactions with Siege Master).


3. Orc cavalry


This one is really epic. I would love to finally sculpt orc rider and it will be one of the stretch goals. I hope that we will be able to unlock the rider. So, even if you are not interested in other minis I bet that you will like the orc rider. So, please guys spread this art. This is so great art and for sure it deserves to be sculpted!



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