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A Dragon for Serious Collectors

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It would be interesting to work in that scale.  I'm too used to being able to hold my pieces in hand as I sculpt.

Yeah, I'm with you there; I'd love to give some really big stuff a go too... his Kodiak bear was amazing. He had to sculpt while standing on a stepladder!


He's long been my favourite sculptor. Mostly because when I was a kid he lived about 5 miles away from me. I'm attempting to collect all his old Citadel stuff - still can't afford the Great Spined Dragon though, and I desperately wanted that when I was twelve.  ::(:


I was gutted when he gave up on small scale stuff (allergies to epoxy putty, sadly) but the minis world's loss is the bronze art collectable world's gain, I guess.

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Note: The last few photos show the unfinished sculpt on it's mocked up aluminium base, alongside the finished Firedrake, which could not be refitted to the base whilst in wax (too much delicate detail). The finished bronze will stand on a fabricated, square, bronze column, matching the proportions of the aluminium mock-up.





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