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lexomatic's fall 2015 WIP

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So I've been secretly painting a little, and not updating. I'm planning on doing a little bit more of both going forward.

Currently I'm working on 2/3 of a pack of extra zombies for zombicide, a lot of undead from bones 2 (mostly skeletons, and some ghasts which are just waiting to get varnished at this point. and a few other items I haven't yet decided on - hopefully shelf of shame stuff so I can clear it off, and maybe a few modern pc types. 


77159 ghast (#1 yellow cloth)



a few WIP photos sometime this weekend.

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Workbench of mostly finished things started in September 2015



4 ghasts - color coded for the table


Bones 2 skeletons





Some of the Zombicide horde in progress


a few stragglers are missing, and a few I did this summer. The mostly black & white guy is a special project I'll explain in more detail when I get to posting more specifically about that mini


Here's a few close-ups of the more finished guys (base coats). Orange and yellow base skin color.










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Today is a day off, so I'm doing a little work on the last zombicide fatty - doing skintones before I do the mold spores  (planning on adapting Baugi's moss technique)- and I got totally inspired by this thread. I had to start work today on 2 pillars of evil with verdigris. Photos of progress tonight. This will be done tomorrow more or less.


Finally, I thought I already posted a link to this show-off thread. More photos tonight of the pics I previously took.


I might also post of layout photo of inspiration for a home made temple-y structure that I'm tentatively calling "In the court of the skeleton king" or something.

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Here are starting pics of the pillars.



Some blue liner thinned with aircraft medium


And one with the verdigris added (they are now both covered)



I'll see about another coat of verdigris at 6 and then a sepia wash later.

Probably drybrush the bronze tomorrow.

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