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I noticed Kuro popped up on Facebook, and rewatching the eyes tutorial gave me inspiration to try it out on Michelle, above.
It didn't work. I'll try again on a mini with easier eyes. Because of that I decided to do some preliminary work in a first coat on skin, cloak, and hair (which needs redoing, because I got my brush a bit wet and the pony tail part was darker than the front. I didn't feel like paining anymore.
I also did a little bit more skin shading on the remaining zed.


And because it's early, a blurry photo from the front




Can you even see the shading? In hand I'm happy about the muscle definition.





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I have today and tomorrow off, so I'll be doing a bit of updating in between studying for an exam.
Photos will have to wait until my phone is recharged.
I have 2 that I'm working on during this time are the ones from November 1.
Here's an update on Michelle.
I've added a first skin tone above the green base. I don't notice much difference between the highlight and the shadow, but hey, it's really only the beginning.





Here's the zed. I'm wondering if I should take his overalls whiter, or if they still read as white. Thoughts?


Next is adding the blue mold. I'll be stealing a moss recipe. Yay experiments.


I've done some more on Michelle, but I don't have photos, with me not being around when there's ANY light.

I did a basecoat on the sword, and a red glaze on the skin. I also did more work on the cloak, but it's looking very dark. I'm trying to think of ways to add the mid-tone, when originally I had a mix of the darkest and lightest colors of the triad (my FLGS has never had the complete royal purple triad in stock, and I haven't had reason to order direct from Reaper in a while).

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Here is the current status. Hopefully, I get to do some more work this weekend.




The question remains if the cloak is too dark. And how to go about lightening it, when I don't really have a mid-tone.
In hand it looks much smoother

the Zed


so I will be gluing the foam to the mini at various points so I can try to recreate moss. I need to find a book to make sure i'm semi-accurately recreating a description. I'm going to potentially add some paint splotches as well... the character in question is a house painter.



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I got a hold of the description of the guys the Zed is going to be... not even close.


I heard a board creak behind us. I looked over my shoulder. Jerry whipped the flashlight around at the same time, revealing two men standing in the doorway. One of them was short with a crewcut; the other was tall with sideburns and a mullet. They were wearing matching grey coveralls, the kind that typically has the owner’s name embroidered over the breast. I couldn’t tell if these did because most of the material was covered in some sort of fuzzy blue gunk. Their faces were covered with it, too. Only a few patches of skin showed through and their eyes, which stared at us with matching blank expressions. - Ian Rogers, "Out of the Blue" in Fungi, Innsmouth Free Press 2012

I've decided that the incident in question happened more than once. I'm not interested in repainting (although grey over white shouldn't be too hard), or trying to sculpt hair (much harder) or even painting it (that sounds.. not nice looking).

The fuzzy blue gunk is going to be the foam.

I'm guessing now that I'll be using blue liner, sapphire blue, and LED blue as the colours. I picture this stuff being BRIGHT blue.


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So I tested my gluing and I will probably do some more targeted fuzz on the face and upper arms but this is good to start.



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I haven't posted because I've been having problems with getting more of the foam to stick.

The first batch I left for 24 hours, and subsequent ones have been more like 2-3, which just isn't sticking as well.

I'm hoping I'll have another update soon.

My original plan today was to get all the foam glued down, and then do an initial blue liner coat.

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