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Talon65's Bones: Mariel Twinspar & Hajad


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Rockin' the pirate boat I see.  Well done, if a bit glossy.  Did you put sealer on them?


Also, it would increase their visual appeal and table-top stability to base them.  You can cut the built-in base off and pin them to a base, or glue them to a base as they are and build the base up to their feet.

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Yeah, they're matt sealed. They don't look shiny at all in person so I suspect it may be the lighting or the camera. I may hit her with matte varnish again.


And I may base them eventually.  If you look at my other figures I've posted here, I usually do basing but the anniversary of our 50 Fathoms game is coming up and they are going to be going on the cake, so I don't want to base them just yet. Then again, with all the figures I have to paint PLUS three Bones Kickstarters, I'm not so sure if I want to go to that much effort.



I didn't realize he even had a mustache. With  my magnifier, it looks like he might have half a mustache so I just figures it was a mold line. Maybe it's just to slight to show up well in the Bones material. I may go back and fix that.

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      Hi! 🙂
      I see myself as a somewhat of an advanced beginner at mini painting.
      After painting minis on my own for some time, I became interested in revisiting the instructions from my Layer Up! kit.  This was the only figure I had left, so I went with it.
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