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Kuro Cleanbrush

Heavy Metal Archangel (or Kuro gets off his lazy butt and paints again!)

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The shading and highlights look great as does your blending! I like the colors you chose and the base itself tells a little story. Cool mini!

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Great blending, very good skintone.


I love the base, it creates a great action pose like this.


What did you use for the barbed wire?

Looks great.

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I had no idea that that mini could look SO GOODWONDERFULLY WELL DONE!

The empty soda can is, of course, my favorite part.

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Well done! I always wonder how to figure out the reflection and shadow patterns?! You seem to have mastered it.

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    • By Chaoswolf
      Lithia surveyed her surroundings warily; the battle for this ship wasn't over yet. Thanks to the warning from that ELz-1 protection unit that their unusual passenger had, they were aware of the raiders almost as soon as they struck. The rest of the ship's security and crew had broken up into small groups to ferret out the attackers. Thanks to her background with the commandos, she was scouting ahead of the main group by herself, which was exactly how she liked it.
      I found this figure on the melt table at Reapercon; she was headless and had some damage to her back, but I liked the figure and grabbed it anyway. I recently rediscovered her a few weeks ago while I was looking for something else, and decided to fix her up. Her head came from ShieldWolf miniatures plastic shieldmaiden kit, and I covered up the damage on her back by giving her a backpack/comm unit/tech thingy made from part of a GW plasma pistol, and bits of Bones sprue carved to shape.
      Thanks for looking.


    • By Geoff Davis
      WIP Link
      Somehow I forgot to cross post her from WIP to Show Off.  Here she is. 
      This was my sky-earth-non-metallic-metal learning project. 


    • By Kuro Cleanbrush
      Well, it's been about seven years since I last painted a space marine, and I have to confess that seeing all the amazing work on the new Primaris Marines was making me want to give it a try again.  I have long thought it would be cool to do a chrome (or SENMM [Sky-Earth Non-Metallic Metal]) Marine, so I finally gave that a shot!  The technique itself is painfully slow, but I had a lot of fun, and I'm pretty happy with the results! 
      Oh, and I did do a little bit of conversion work by swapping in some old Dark Angels bits, in case anyone was wondering!

      Thanks for looking!  Hopefully, after ReaperCon, I'll have time to do a YouTube tutorial on how I did the chrome for those of you who are interested!
    • By Kuro Cleanbrush
      Hi everyone!  I feel like I've been a horrible forumite lately in terms of posting (lots of busy life stuff, such as the birth of my daughter, but that's still not a good enough excuse  ), and I need to get a WIP started again!
      Now, some of you may have already seen this guy on my FaceBook page, but I'll try to get this WIP caught up quickly as there is still plenty more to do!
      First off, though, background:
      Like a good number of people in this hobby, it was seeing Space Marines for the first time that really got me into this hobby.  They were just so cool (like good-guy Stormtroopers!), and my brothers and I had to have some.  We obviously weren't very good painters, however, and so even my most recent Space Marine (now about seven years old!) is from quite a different time in my hobby career!

      During these last seven years, I became thoroughly dissatisfied with GW's treatment of the hobby and ended up leaving Space Marines far behind.  However, in my opinion at least, GW has seemingly repented of some of their sins of late, and acts such as the resurrection of Blood Bowl have helped me become at least interested enough again to want to revisit a Space Marine now that my talents have improved.  Along those lines, a Primaris Marine seemed like a perfect option!
      I did an easy arm swap, slapped on some extra Dark Angels bits, and replaced the helmet with a good ol' beaky one, but otherwise the craziest thing I wanted to do was with the paint scheme.  After thinking about it for a long time, I absolutely had to finally do an entire Marine in SENMM (aka. Sky-Earth Non-Metallic Metal, or, simply, chrome)!
      With that goal chief on my mind, I started by priming the mini in white, and then airbrushing him blue from the top and brown from the bottom.  Even though all that gets covered up, it can help to see the horizon-line while painting, and I sometimes like to have some colors other than white down when I begin to paint these days.  Having other colors around right from the start helps me keep contrast from getting out of whack as I move piece-by-piece through the mini.
      Finally, I began the painfully-long process of painting SENMM.  First, I painted Blue Liner into all of the cracks and crevices between plates and then drew in the horizon lines with Brown Liner before opposing them with Ghost White.  Then, I simply (but painstakingly!) worked the earth in as gradually-lightening shades of orange-brown before working the sky in as gradually-darkening shades of blue.  Some quick lines of Blue Liner and Pure White formed the scratches to complete the look, and I did some edging work with Pure White and some very light brown whose name I cannot recall at the moment.
      Here's a few steps along that journey:

      Now, since this is totally just a for-fun mini, I'm feeling some flames on his shoulder pads!!!
    • By GodOfCheese
      Mini appears to be this guy.  I was going for a kind of unearthly celestial glow with him, though it came out really strangely in the hair.  Still, fun to paint :-)
      Update: I didn't like how his base looked.  Although it was transparent, it didn't give the illusion of floating, so I added some "clouds", which is closer to what I wanted, but still doesn't quite give the flying illusion.  :-/
      If anyone has any suggestions on how I can make him look more like he's flying, I'm all ears :-)

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