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Autumn Hope - Vignette for 2015 Fall Exchange (Reaper 60141 & 02638)

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Fantastic job Ub3r!

Just too awesome, I can't say it enough.

Thank you!


Great piece, I have that mini...subtle conversion with the harp.


I'll bet Tiniest will be happy with it.

Thanks! Yep, the conversion wasn't too difficult, it was a bit of snipping and filing to get the sword off since it was attached not only to her hand but to her leg. The harp was the perfect size to cover up the areas that I had to cut into and kind of hide any flaws.


Great work. I know that tree may not have been, strictly speaking, the highest difficulty item in that diorama, but it really caught my eye--it looks fantastic, especially the bark.


Much appreciated! I've been trying to get better and better with trees, they are fun to do, pretty easy, but can be time consuming to get just right.

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Nicely done.


Really like those foxes + the whole scene just has that autumn feel to it. Nice work!!



I knew I had to do something "fall related" as that's what TR asked for in her questionnaire.


It came to me as I was looking through my figures and saw the Lady Moray one with the bird on her hand, then I looked through my companions/animals and found those foxes, it came out just like I had it in my head. We all know that's tough to do too, so I was very happy with the result and proud to send it out to someone who I knew would enjoy the scene.



Very Nice work!


Quick question, What color stain did you use on the base?

I used Minwax Ebony on mine, and it looks very similar to yours.




Thank you!


I used: Minwax Color Express "Onyx" it comes in this tube and is a wiping stain and finish according to the label. 

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