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Stretchy Chainmail Dice Bags Round 2


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About this project

Hi again!!! I'm Nicholas Taylor and I'm Mindy Taylor. This is Round 2 of us offering our Stretchy Chainmail Dice Bags here on Kickstarter.

The Dice Bags

Our dice bags are handmade of anodized aluminum & EPDM rubber, which makes them stretchy & helps pad to prevent damage to your dice. The ring measurements are 16 gauge thick & the inner diameter is 5/16". Each small bag can hold approximately 35 dice. The drawstrings are paracord; the stopper & end caps are plastic. All will be available in different colors.

Here is a link to view dice bags from our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.597249083639680.1073741829.585428848155037&type=3

58d0d4914e21871215fb0a97910f56e4_origina35 count - 50 count - 100 Count


You will get the option of choosing different colors for the rubber & aluminum rings, end caps, & stopper. The paracord will match aluminum or rubber rings. The choices are:




4e64c6e5e4b7921c0bea14c496d62f7b_originaMore colors that are available that I don't have in stock.

Optional Add-on:

Additional Small Dice Bag - $15 USD

Medium Size Upgrade- Have your bag upgraded to comfortably hold 50 dice. Add $5 USD

Large Size Upgrade- Have your bag upgraded to comfortably hold 100 dice. Add $10 USD

Stretch Rewards:

$1,500 Unlocked - D6 die charms

$2,000 Locked - Color Samples

More to come...


For those interested in a custom bag, I can do layer/strips. I'm not currently doing any inlay (pictures). Though, I do plan to offer inlays on my site in the near future. You can have everything from a solid color bag, half & half, 3-6 rolls of colors, or up to a 7 layer rainbow bag. Be sure to check out our facebook page for ideas. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.597249083639680.1073741829.585428848155037&type=3

6facf2f95a4998edcf9209f989e59a74_originaBreak down of the different size bag layers


The goal is to get a website up & running to sell on a continual bases. We're really leaning toward using Squarespace. Plus another purpose for launching this, is to be able to make a dice bag of every color combo (132 color combos), so we can display them on the site.

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