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Space Cadets: Away Missions - Thralls

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I managed to finish off my set of 12 thralls for the Space Cadets: Away Missions game.  These guys are mind controlled humans who effectively act like zombies until you cudgel them over the head and rip out the mind control device.  


I am not too proud of these paint jobs, mostly because the washes were too uneven.  Hopefully I can improve on that when I tackle the aliens.


Thematic Paint Used - Alien Flesh...on the helmets.  Yeah I know.  Next time I'll do better.





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I like the uneven washes. It makes them look like their jumpsuits have gone through different cycles of the station laundry.


Even in the future, clothes wear unevenly.

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Hey Unit04!

I've been looking through your Space Cadets posts because Im about to start pianting my own!
May i ask, did you base coat, and if you did, what with?
I have a couple figures primed with Army painter spray matte white.. but im curious to see what others are doing, especially because ive been having a little trouble with coverage (never worked with primers before)

Also.. have you decided on a green for the aliens yet?

I was thinking Moth Green might be too bright.. but maybe if i darkened it a little.. then theres pale and even olive... Im not sure which direction to go XD

Heres the Primed tester models im going to work with:


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Hey Kwirick!


I'm working on the aliens right now (I'm not a fast painter so its taking me a bit) and I'm going with Mekong Moss for the skin color.  I really like how it looks after a black wash.  Any of the various olive green colors would probably work just as well.  If you want to wait, I may have them up in a few days. Ish.  


For most models, I did put on a base coat of Pure White, but only because my primer didn't really get good coverage. I avoided black since this is supposed to be more whimsical then, say, Warhammer 40K.  For the Brain-in-a-Jar, I basecoated the brain in red, and all the metal parts in black.  I actually did not put anything on the beacon up top because I didn't really care if there was a clear spot.  In the end I'm not sure it mattered.  


After I took the pictures, I wound up putting a gloss coat on the brain and the space leaches to make them look a bit more gross.

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