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Awakening from Torpor, Khanjira The World Breaker; totally not a Terrasque


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Finally got a chance to come back to Khanjira. Boy, is he ever ticked off with me. He didn't like being naked from the waist down since Wednesday!


So I gave him a 'little' more paint:




For reference this is a 23ml Tamiya German Gray paint bottle that I opened, new to lay down this base coat, about a third of it is used now:




Gonna let Khanjira's base coat dry up a little bit and base coat his base in the same German Gray:



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Started putting a little bit of detail onto Khanjira today:




And a little more:




And more (I finally saw those molding lines in the first two pictures, so that's why the jawline looks messed up):



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You hear the voices too?

Have you been half asleep,

And have you heard voices?


I've heard them calling my name.


Is this the sweet song,

That calls the young painter?


The voice might be one in the same....


I've heard it too many times to ignore it,

It's somethin' that I'm 'sposed to paint.


Some day, we'll find it,

The Reaper connection.

The paint box, Khanjira, and me.


All of us under it's spell,

We know that it's probably



The Auld Grump

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