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About this project


Hi there! We’re Quentin and Dan, and it's a pleasure to meet you. If you just watched the video this next part might sound familiar. We’ve been working on Spellbooks, a gaming box designed to feel like an arcane tome and crafted to capture the timeless appeal of classic leather, wood, and metal.

Spellbooks are stylish and functional reliquaries for your favorite gaming gear. They come in two basic styles; “card deck†and “rolling tray." The card deck is made for trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, while the rolling tray is for the generalists out there. You can further personalize the rolling tray interior with removable foam inserts cut to a variety of templates.

Inside the cover is a new Elderwood feature: the Reflecting Pool. Each Pool is crafted out of a variety of metals and acts as a fully functional dry erase board to keep track of temporary stats.

Finally, we offer an array of luxurious leathers with which to bind each Spellbook, and offer a range of art to customize the cover and spine to make them uniquely your own. To close out the package, hidden magnets together with a book belt keep your treasures safe and secure.

We know holiday shopping is important to some of you, so scroll down for our gifting options to learn more, and may the dice roll ever in your favor.





Options, options, options. We want to make the Spellbook that’s just right for you, so we’ve tried to create the right options that let you select your level of customization.

Leather - To start, choose your binding leather, which comes in onyx, chocolate and sandstone. Keep an eye on our stretch goals; if we hit our marks, even more leather options will become available.


Art - Next, you’ll want to decide how to adorn your Spellbook. Each reward offers one of four options: blank canvas (the "unadorned" look), signature (any one of our existing pieces), personalized (signature plus your choice of text), and fully customized (any image you send us that we can create). Then, choose what color ink you’d like us to use; right now we’re offering silver and gold, but that will grow if we hit our stretch goals.

If we aren't able to offer an option that feels right to you, there are two choices. Arch-Mage lets you work directly with Quentin to design your very own custom art that we'll emblazon on your Spellbook for you. Or, if you're into DIY, you can also opt for the blank canvas; we'll be releasing a tutorial later with tips on our favorite techniques for decorating the leather covers.


3decf66e4b4d2c9c693c5e8651c9e1a6_originaSignature art

30d5d015567df9ca8953ccea80d10539_originaPremium art features text areas that are customizable. (Sorcerer, Wizard, Holiday Wizard)

aff1861ca3f5a067748d7ef8a2931f70_originaExample of a signature art in practice

Wood - You’ll want to choose the wood base for your Spellbook. Check out the reward descriptions for what woods are available to you. Dan favors the walnut base because it has a powerful darkness and the swirling grain adds an air of ancient mystery. Quentin likes the maple best because it glides under his fingers and has a book-like feel to it. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Choose an accompanying wooden trim to line the reflecting pool and interior of the Spellbook. Trim options include cherry, walnut, and purpleheart for all reward levels, but check out our stretch goals as more options may become available.

aa863f71294f2cac57150de9bac27dfa_originaBase woods for Conjurer, Warlock, and higher reward levels

2618d2a3f465fa00a5e8c17a95458963_originaBase woods for Sorcerer and higher reward levels

79b8b8da0000be078408b803195477a2_originaBase woods for Royal Wizard and higher reward levels

b6e6ad6ad21adb5df89fbc4f535fcc9f_originaInlay trim options for all levels!

Interior design - Your Spellbook is nearly complete! You’ll have to tell us what you want to use your Spellbook for. If you need one for trading card games, the card deck style is designed to hold 80 single sleeved cards (100 single sleeved card variant available - see Add Ons). If you prefer the rolling tray style, the full interior measures approximately 5 x 7 inches. Every open style Spellbook comes with one of several options for foam lining. We offer several stock layouts, but we’d like to hear from you about how you’d cut your foam. If we don’t offer the perfect shape, we offer partially perforated foam blanks which you can customize to perfection.

fb918e3cff37f59ab9a48ffb2f96ced7_originaHere are some examples of foam inserts we will offer. We will add more here near the end of the campaign based on what you all tell us.

Reflecting pool - The reflecting pool is available in several metals, and doubles as a dry-erase board during your adventures. Depending on the tier you can select from copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, hammered brass, nugold, or sterling silver.

7b371dba311e66e5821cc86ef2c7d8a9_originaCopper, brass, and aluminum stock before being installed.

Add-ons and customization

Want some help filling your Spellbook with magic? We’ve partnered with our friends athttp://norsefoundry.com to include some add-ons to get you started.

  • add $35 and your order will include a 7-piece set of your choice of Dead Mans Gold or Chainmail Silver metal RPG dice
  • add $90 and your order will include a 7-piece set of Lapis Lazuli Gemstone RPG dice
  • add $15 and your order will include your choice of a 10-piece Steampunk Metal Coins Variety Pack or Dwarven Metal Coins Variety Pack
  • Finally, add $10 for a thicker Spellbook designed hold 100 sleeved cards instead of our standard 80.
515f33f2265e5d50b83bae80c5b4e25a_originaMetal and gemstone dice from our friends at Norse Foundry!

e0ab5f195cfcc006f59d824ec0f8ac12_originaAdventure Coins also from Norse Foundry!

e1216d3759867999dbc8dcd0f33dec04_originaVarious interior configurations

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We craft Spellbooks with diligence, care, and love. The end result is a product we’re excited to share, but it also means we take enough time to make sure we send you the best possible product. If you need your Spellbook in hand before the end of the year, we guarantee that all of the Holiday Wizard backer rewards will ship in time for the Holidays. For all other holiday orders we're offering the Elderwood Gift Package. At the end of the Kickstarter you will have the option, at no charge, to select your order as a Gift Package; when you do, we will send you a stylized, wax sealed envelope with a self-addressed return order form inside. Hand it to your gift-ee and they can fill out their preferred Spellbook configuration. They return the order form to us, and we'll send them the exact Spellbook they asked for as soon as production is complete. Most of these will ship after the start of the new year. The Elderwood Gift Package is only available to U.S. backers.

c451d24a6870454f261c09caa18ba418_originaThe Gift Package contains an entire Spellbook ('s order form).



We're looking forward to offering even more choices with which to personalize your Spellbooks, and if we hit our stretch goals we'll be able to do just that!


Enjoy even more ways to customize the right look for your Spellbook. Trim options now includemahoganyredheart, and maple to frame your reflecting pool and line the inside lip of the Spellbook base.

693673fe3aa2240e70c8bfd6528a22cf_originaMore trim!


Leather! Glorious leather! Raining from the sky like some terribly botched Storm spell that's a total win for the villagers. Expanded leather options include Black Cherry, Dark Amber, and Winter Wheat We'll get images up soon!


More art color options! Ink, ink flowing like a river from a clean mountain spring... somehow filled with iiiiiink! And also there's no water in this hypothetical example. The new ink spring colors include bronze, ochre, and navy.



We'll be conjuring Spellbooks as quickly as our wands can waggle, but we do take pride in our work and we only send out the highest quality end product. Initially we expect to be on a schedule of roughly 100 Spellbooks a month. However, if you all absolutely bury us in orders with your generosity, we have the know-how and experience to scale up production. This process takes a few months, but it will mean dramatically increased production with no loss of quality starting early 2016.



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That's funny I saw books like these in at Michaels %50 off today, no inserts though. I think they were about $10 each.

If you can find any genuine leather on any item from Michael's, I will be surprised.*


Not to knock Michael's, but its overall quality of goods is no more than adequate. It's unlikely to have anything like the quality of materials and craftsmanship this KS is presenting.








*Just thought of leather lacing for jewelry. Still not sure if it's genuine, though.

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the problem with so many pretty wood pieces is that you almost always lose as much wood as you use.  In Iowa I used to belong to a carving group that used the cast offs from a table manufacturer for our projects.  some of the pieces that got thrown away were just incredible.


As to this, its pretty but for me it is both to expensive and not something I would expect to use (read dust collector).  I wish them luck though. 

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These are lovely. You could get a purple book with a skull on it! Super neat! But I hate having things on my gaming table that take up room so I would never use this. 

Would also make a pricey but cool jewelry box ...

Edit to add: Heck if they put a mirror where the metal inside is you could use this for makeup... 

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