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Miniature Identification [Solved!]


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Hi folks! I considered putting this in scifi, considering the nature of the miniature, but the fantasy thread seems like it gets more traffic. Either way, I have a mini that somehow ended up on my table and I've no idea what range or manufacturer it's from. She's holding some sort of assault rifle and on the same arm is a bracer with a chain attached. She seem pretty keen on using her former bond as a weapon. There's a horned skull on the bust of her outfit. You can see that the slotpiece has what looks like "HHGO 1997" on it. I don't know what that acronym is supposed to be, but it's an older mini. I don't think it's a Reaper product, but I figured somebody might know something.


Here are a few links to pictures of the mini. Any help would be appreciated!




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"HHG" usually means Heartbreaker Hobbies & Games, whose last year in business was 1997.


The sci fi board has less ongoing traffic, but people do watch threads there and respond if requested.

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That is #9875 Mourning Wolf Chieftain for Warzone from Target Games.  (Source:  Target Games Fall '98 Product Catalogue)


Brother Jim is correct; the Mourning Wolf Hero (#9876) has a two-handed sword.


Sorry for the delay, I saw this thread yesterday and forgot to dig out my reference.   :ph34r:

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