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Trapped - Diorama for cerebro1974 (Pic heavy)

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So happy to have received! As an FYI the pictures are good, but the details are much better in person! The dress highlighting is fantastic, and the blue not only works on the goblins, but really gives them the icy coastal feel! Great job, and I really appreciate it!

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Great vignette.


She looks like she got it covered, the expression on her face is more like: Really? that's all you got?


Cool base,  love the water.

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      Along with the Pyros, I also painted up a set of the Goblin Warriors. Another Bones 1 set that had excellent detail and great character.
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      The moon has blotted out the sun, so my little gobbo pal here needed to light a torch. How does he look? I'm particularly curious about the lighting, since I haven't tried anything like this before. There were three more of him on the sprue, so any advice you can offer will definitely be put to practical use! Thanks, guys!
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