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    • By odinsgrandson
      Here is a cool little diorama I got to do for a client.  Most of the time, religious art in miniatures is more akin to painting a Menoth force, so this is a bit of a departure.  The three figures are from Thunderbolt Mountain- sculpted by the fantastic Tom Meier.  I completely endorse grabbing stuff from Thunderbolt Mountain- the faces he sculpts are amazing.
      This set is larger than usual gaming scale, but since they're also pretty much true to life scale, so their eyes and details were pretty tricky.  Quite different from the old Inquisitor minis I've done.
      I based them on an 80mm mini CD and created the cave from green stuff, and the objects around it are a combination of things I pulled out of my bits box and things I sculpted.  The donkey started out as a 28mm horse that was standing up, and the jars are from a Reaper Bones spru.  I think the bird might have been from the Old Witch of Khador kit.
      I posted them up to Coolmini for anyone who cares to see more angles.
      Anyway, here they are:

      Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Io Saturnalia and have a good whatever holiday you care to celebrate.
    • By pinkymadigan
      Okay, so a brief respite away from my standard fantasy Bones stuff to get a small portion of my mother's Christmas gift done. She collects nativities, so this made a lot of sense to finally order and paint up.
      Group shot, then close ups follow...

      The big/little guy was the hardest, by far. There isn't a lot of room for detail, being a baby, and painting it where it doesn't exist is difficult for me. Went for a closed eye look, hopefully it comes across that way...


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