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That is beyond marvelous.  I especially love the lighting you have done on him - really makes it look like a beam of light is shining down on him from on high.  Brilliant work.



Thanks.  Zach Lanier taught me a technique where the head and shoulders of a mini are brighter/lighter than the rest of the mini.  He used classical art of Jesus as the example- so I've taken to calling it Jesus Lighting.


So I really couldn't pass up the chance to use it here, you know?  I think this might be the most extreme that I've gone with it (although I did a Leviticus from Wyrd with pretty intense Jesus Lighting).



Am I a bad person to think he reminds me of General Zod and he's about to use his heat vision on me?


Well, if you are or not, that's still pretty awesome.


The shading is wonderful and the white robe is one of the best I have seen. A very intense look achieved with the sculpt and the painting.


Yeah, the intensity is what really works about the sculpture.  Depictions of Jesus are usually much softer than this one.


Most impressive. The facial expression and eyes could make or break this one, and the expression and eyes are spot on.




I messed around with the expression quite a bit.  I got the eyes right early on, but the eyebrows had to be moved and re-worked a number of times.  Sometimes he looked too angry, then he looked too sad or too worried.

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So- I've been watching CMON on this one pretty closely, because I honestly think it is interesting to watch the meta over there.  I just like examining the meta, and this piece is a clear meta-breaker.


Well, the CMON verdict is in, and it is kind of odd.


In the first day he started out somewhere in the low 8s, but after a week, he ended at a 9.1, with tons of positive comments- mostly about how cool it is to see a Jesus on CMON- with a registered voting rating at 8.6.


He got into the 'last 7 days' - which is usually the time that things get voted down a lot if they were overrated- there tends to be over-correction for this.  He did go down a little, but less than I expected and hovered between 8.9 and 9.0 the whole time (with the registered voter rating dropping slightly to 8.5).


Then, yesterday (his last day on the last 7 days) his vote count jumped up by an extra twelve votes (79 to 91) and the rating went down to 8.3.


So- most of CMON seems to favor religious art (if for nothing else than the novelty of it) but there's someone who -really- hates it, and felt the need to correct this mistake.



Edit- I don't know the details, but it looks like there was some correction (either of a glitch, or CMON actually decided to discount some votes).  The vote count has dropped back to 85, and Jesus is now rated back at 9.0


This could be a computer glitch, of course.  Possibly, someone at CMON actually decided to look into it and throw out some votes.  Interesting.


I wonder if Mamageek has put any of her religious work on CMON.  She might have more info on the meta.

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He's not a standard scale- he's a larger mini though.


There's a larger than life scale version in bronze (something like 8 feet tall) and that's pretty cool.


Watching the voting wars on CMON can be interesting indeed. I'm not brave enough to post anything up for voting so major props to you for doing so. It is a very well painted figure!


Yeah, I've mostly gotten over how upsetting the vote-wars on CMON can get, but not entirely.  It is pretty much like any painting competition- the judges are flawed people who make mistakes sometimes, and often have to rely on their own biases to make decisions.  Getting angry at them is always a mistake.


Now, it does help when you can go up to the judge and say "Hey, how can I improve?"  It is a shame CMON can't do that.


I think I got over CMON's judging with this entry.  Initially, it got voted super high (9.5 or 9.6) from its initial voters- and I honestly thought "Really?  I mean, this isn't as good as some of the other stuff I've done that got 8s."


Thing is- it fits in super well with CMON meta:  it is large, with busy freehand and its a 40k piece (Yellow One totally knew who he was appealing for when he made his Crystal Brush entry this year).


Then the comments started arguing with one another about how overrated the mini is.  Some of them made good points even, but they obviously got really angry about it (on both sides).


When it got to the last 7 days section, it got voted down super fast.  I mean, blink at the wrong time and it was off the list.  Honestly, it still might be overrated- it is higher than quite a few of my minis that I think were better done.



Two years later, someone discovered that mini, and felt the need to add their point to the comments, so I decided that was the time for me to chime in and say "Hey, no offense taken guys."

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    • By odinsgrandson
      Here is a cool little diorama I got to do for a client.  Most of the time, religious art in miniatures is more akin to painting a Menoth force, so this is a bit of a departure.  The three figures are from Thunderbolt Mountain- sculpted by the fantastic Tom Meier.  I completely endorse grabbing stuff from Thunderbolt Mountain- the faces he sculpts are amazing.
      This set is larger than usual gaming scale, but since they're also pretty much true to life scale, so their eyes and details were pretty tricky.  Quite different from the old Inquisitor minis I've done.
      I based them on an 80mm mini CD and created the cave from green stuff, and the objects around it are a combination of things I pulled out of my bits box and things I sculpted.  The donkey started out as a 28mm horse that was standing up, and the jars are from a Reaper Bones spru.  I think the bird might have been from the Old Witch of Khador kit.
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      Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Io Saturnalia and have a good whatever holiday you care to celebrate.
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      Okay, so a brief respite away from my standard fantasy Bones stuff to get a small portion of my mother's Christmas gift done. She collects nativities, so this made a lot of sense to finally order and paint up.
      Group shot, then close ups follow...

      The big/little guy was the hardest, by far. There isn't a lot of room for detail, being a baby, and painting it where it doesn't exist is difficult for me. Went for a closed eye look, hopefully it comes across that way...


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