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30 Skeletons for a spooky October!

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I need to get busy this year, my numbers aren't keeping up with last year. So I decided to push myself this month and finish off all 30 of my skeletons in one month. They're only skeletons, right?


First step was gluing them to their reaper plastic bases, then milliputing the bases they come on to blend more evenly over the new bases. That took about 3 nights of work (I did some gnolls too so that once done I wouldn't have to do too many mass milliputs for a little while). I'm putting the first coat down on the bases now, en masse. Sometimes I have trouble getting color to cover the greenish of the milliput so I like to do two coats and am getting that going. Anyways, I know skeletons are probably boring, but thanks for reading!



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Complete undead army. Ambitious, and I look forward to seeing what you do with it.


I've been meaning to do something similar, just so I can have a whole army of skeletons and zombies for the next time I play a necromancer in Pathfinder.  :devil:

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For mass paint jobs like that 4 or 5 at a time seems about the right number. Paint on #1 is usually dry by the time you're done with #4, and in an hour or two you have 4 painted figures instead of 10-20 half painted ones.

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Thanks for the good ideas guys, you are right I will be ready to paint anything not a skeleton after this, and probably will end up doing them in batches like you suggest Inarah.


Okay, first step was to come up with a plan for the skellies. My idea was to use the reaper triad of stained ivory / yellowed bone / creamy ivory as its made some great bones and skeleton bits for the handful of piece parts i've used it for (these might be my first full-blown skeletons though i've painted mummies and such with exposed bone). My first idea was to paint the darkest shade, then do a brown wash, then dry brush 4 shades: stained ivory, 50/50 stained ivory and yellowed bone, yellowed bone, and creamy ivory. Did that and not sure how I feel about it. He almost looks better with just the wash on. Or maybe I need a darker shade as my bottom coat dry brush. Attempting that next. Might also try doing all the drybrushing first then wash after?


Anyways, here's stained ivory with a brown wash:





And here's after letting that wash dry doing the 4 coats of dry brush on top:





I know drybrush should be easy but it's something I've always struggled with. When I was a kid my mom used to paint ceramics and we did a little to. There's something very different about drybrushing a ceramic piece that's the size of your hand versus a 1" miniature.

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I'd try to go a little lighter on the drybrush. You're starting to lose some detail in the layers.


Also, I don't see why you can't have skels with different amounts of highlighting. Some brown ones freshly dug up, some bleached white from laying in the sun, some in between.

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Thanks Inarah, that is what I'm starting to consider based on the next experiment.


I tried a darker bottom shade for the drybrush (50/50 golden shadow and the stained ivory). You can see he looks much more yellow-ish as a result, and I think more natural.




Next I tried doing the drybrushing first (just the 3 shades from the bone triad) then a slightly watered down brown wash.


This is comparing the wash last to the 2nd attempt at drybrush above. You can tell the wash last preserves more details and makes him look slightly more yellowish overall. Not sure though if the drybrushed guy doesn't look more natural what with dried out bone? I don't know yet which way I prefer. But I might just start painting my skeletons with varying shade combos to make some lighter and darker than one another, I like the slight variations.





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Really cool! When my Reaper order gets here, I will be batch painting mummies. Have you planned on how you are going to do the swords? Several people have posted recently with really nice corroded and rust effects that would look spectacular with these guys. I like how you are doing these so they aren't all identical.

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Alright the 'plain' skeletons are mostly done. Need to finish up their weapons and some identifying colors to tell them apart on the game table.




Made two of them a little bit unusual with one having reddish tones and the other one a green wash with some greenish highlights.



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