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30 Skeletons for a spooky October!


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Green makes them look like they've been in a dank moldering dungeon for some time, and red makes it look like that they were just freshly stripped of flesh and animated.


Those were my thoughts exactly. Not sure I love the red but the green turned out pretty well.


I finished up all the simpler skeletons but I'm not sure I'm fully pleased with the rust effects. My go-to rust was a brown wash followed by a watered down rust brown (09072). In some cases that looked too obvious on these guys so I went back over it with brown wash. But now I think it looks too subtle. So still playing around with the rust.








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why does this song dance through my head as I gaze approvingly at your un-dead minions?


Excellent! I can almost picture my skeletons coming to life (stop motion style a la Jason and the Argonauts  :;): ) to dance to it.


Well, I am bad about posting in progress pictures, but 3 more are done I think. I learned from the last batch and just did the metal, a black wash, then the mahogany brown drybrush and only here and there of the rust brown drybrush. I think it looks a little better. I'll skip the brown wash i think for the rest of them (I think a tutorial I followed on rusting a while back suggested the brown wash to make the weapons look oily, but perhaps my skeletons have been dry for too long).






There's also a red-clothed one not pictured, but you get the idea. Since most of my skeletons come in 3's, I was originally thinking red, green and yellow for most of them as that would be the most 'natural' (blue/purple, maybe too regal?) And orange is sometimes hard to tell apart from red. But I may vary my color choices depending on which set of skeletons. Next up are the guardian archers. I picked orange, green and yellow for them, as perhaps they were once rangers. This is just the basecoats on them. Someone on the painting tips was asking about washes for pumpkin orange and I really want to use mine more (especially as I'll be getting 2 more bottles this year). They said they used a carrot-y red for the base, then pumpkin, then highlight with fireball orange. So this is phoenix red for the base, we'll see how the orange fellow turns out. Have only done one drybrush layer on the bones for each of them. I'll finish the bones drybrushing, then probably clean up all my other base coats, and then brown wash. I know it would have probably made the most sense to do just the bones first so I'm not 'fixing' my base coats, but I'm kind of weird in that i like to have all my colors 'blocked out' as soon as I possibly can, especially if I'm not using a primer.




Anyways, thanks all for following along!

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Show off is posted here !


I appreciate everyone following along and apologize that I'm pretty bad about posting in-progress pics. Was just so much wanting to get these guys done, and mostly painted at night.


Anyways, the only interesting tid bit I wanted to share yet was two different ways of painting pumpkin orange.


On this guy I used phoenix red as the base, then pumpkin orange over that, and some highlights of fireball orange.




Then on this guy I mixed pumpkin orange with ruddy leather for the base with pumpkin orange as the highlight.




Since then I've also gotten the russet brown / harvest brown / orange brown triad. I bet all those would work really well with pumpkin orange as well, for those of you like me who may have a couple bottles to use now. Anyways, thanks for reading and following along and everyone's comments!



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