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Bugbears: Mogg, Kegg, and friend...


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These are AMAZING!!!...? But wait where is that trouble maker Rugg?


I guess I'll have to wait on the 10's I was going to award until the set is complete. :P

Always gotta be a troublemaker, don't you my friend! Rugg and a buddy are being painted simultaneously when I'm not..busy. 

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Great work on all of them!


I especially like the conversion of the metal one with the face-shield...I was surprised that set didn't move to Bones, rather than the new resculpts of the Bully.

The metal bugbears are considerably less bulky than they newer ones that were produced in Bones. Personally, I like the bulkier bugbears of the Bones line to the metal ones, but I also like having variety because not all humanoids are equally sized/proportioned. 


I should have done a sizing shot with all three together so you could see the difference. I'll try and make that happen next go around.

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