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MOLOCH - The Mountain Giant (IGG)

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After Rocco, Jérémie Bonamant Teboul and Allan Carrasco, two stars of the miniatures scene, are teaming up again to produce Moloch, the tallest Figone miniature ever! This is your chance to help bring this ambitious project to life.

As aficionados of his work can attest, monsters and orcs are Allan’s specialties.

He first gave our brushes a massive mounted orc. Giants, by their proportions, are monsters which allows him to show his ability to give life to impressive miniatures.

FIGONE is a French miniatures company founded by Jérémie in 2009 and dedicated to producing and selling high quality figures for collectors, sculptors and painters. FIGONE has what it takes to make a finished sculpt commercially available.

With Indiegogo and your help to fund this huge, highly anticipated project, Rocco was born. Moloch will be the tallest miniature ever produced by FIGONE and the one of the largest ever sculpted by Allan Carrasco.

Moloch will be a large 54mm scale miniature cast in high quality resin, the tallest ever in Figone 170mm!!!!


Here you'll see the final miniature, along with the final concept by artist Bertrand Benoit.

Don’t forget that Allan is an artist and these drawings have served as inspiration rather than a concrete blueprint. He followed them closely but added more details here and there, e.g. a larger claymore, various ornaments, slight changes on the position (back for instance).

As part of this campaign, Romain Van den Bogaert sculpted a new funny bust: Flap.

Straight from Jérémie and Romain's imagination, this bucolic character opens a very wide interpretation panel which should appeal to artists and collectors.

"It is said that Trollus vulgaris, in order to fertilise their mushrooms, splash living beings on their heads. What's more, if they can not find something, they bludgeon themselves to bleed.
- Woaw...THAT explains a lot of things."


The IndiGoGo campaign will finish on beginning of November.
Allan Carrasco has started sculpting the miniature, so that we'll be able to start casting minis as soon as the main goal is reached.

The resin miniature will normally be available in December

Regular updates with WIP shots to all contributors …


The creation of a miniature of this scale requires a lot of investment in terms of time and resources. The team members make their living from painting and sculpting so a certain degree of profitability needs to be assured before they can commit to the project.

The funding we hope to gain will cover the sculpting, molding, casting, packaging and release of Moloch, Flap as well as future stretch goals and as a thank you for your support, offer the model at a discount price for contributors.

So if you want to have your own copy of this marvelous miniature or if you just want to help Moloch see the light of day, now is the time to contribute. A range of perks are proposed below to encourage those who would like to help make this project a success.




IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have a few black shirt left of Figopedia's campaign. For this campaign, we have decided to print a white shirt.

If you prefer a black version, please send us an email as soon as you have ordered your perk, we'll tell you if there are left in your size.




We have planned a couple of stretch goals if the funding is far above the objective.

A new Queen is planned, as well as news stickers, bigger than Figopedia's (9cm diameter) and various mushrooms to help you enhance your display bases :)

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Top Posters In This Topic

I was almost the 2nd backer, happened to see it on FB just as it went live....but I'm trying to keep the budget down...

You know you want it... it's sculpted by Allan Carrasco!  Bonus is that it's less than $70 USD after exchange, comes with free shipping, and there'll be some freebies along the way if things unlock!  :devil: 

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That's a big boy... (on a side note, every time I see the thread title I read "Mountain Goat.")

With a little putty.... anything is possible! BWHAHAHAHAHAHH!
I hear there's a chapter for book 2 showing exactly how to do that.


Based on how the book was shipped, I'm not inclined to back this.

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That's a big boy... (on a side note, every time I see the thread title I read "Mountain Goat.")

With a little putty.... anything is possible! BWHAHAHAHAHAHH!
I hear there's a chapter for book 2 showing exactly how to do that.


Based on how the book was shipped, I'm not inclined to back this.


I've not gotten any Figone figures before, so I'm curious if they will ship this big bad boy with more protection. I'd certainly hope so, we are talking a piece that we would be paying nearly $70USD for.

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I took a look at this after it popped up in my email, but direct orders from JBT are a thing of the past for me until he improves his packaging.  He seems to be a nice guy and will replace damaged items, but they are damaged because he didn't ship them properly in the first place.

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My book from his shop was poorly packaged and had to be replaced.

I told him that my postal worked leaves items on the front steps no matter what the weather.

He shipped it the same way the second time. Luckily it was a dry day so it wasn't ruined. 

This seems like a poor business plan IMO. Ship right the first time and save on reshipping damaged items. 

I won't back anything he does or order from him again. It's a pain to have to deal with damaged items internationally.

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