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The Worm that Walks (Satheras, Elf Warlock conversion project)

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So, here's my first attempt at a "conversion" project. I've been on the lookout for a decent mini for a Worm that Walks for a Pathfinder adventure path that I'm GMing, and I've not found any that I really liked. Therefore, I've decided to (attempt to) make one myself. I've obtained a Satheras metal miniature from the Dark Heaven Legends line, and I'm going to doing some Greenstuff sculpting of worms over his face and hands. This is a whole slew of firsts for me, so we'll see how this whole thing turns out.






Greenstuff is simply amazing. It took no time for me to figure out I could roll it out to almost thread-diameter which would rope up on itself nicely over the hands and face. I smooshed a thin layer of Greenstuff over those parts first to make it easier for the "ropes" of Greenstuff to stick, then rolled out about 3-inch long pieces as thin as I could then looped and coiled them over the base layer. I think the results look pretty good (or at least, as good as a mass of writhing worms can look).



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Thanks guys. I'll be working on it tonight and posting updates. For now, dealing with the current bane of my existence...curing time.  <_<

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Went in with a straight pin (yes, a straight pin) and separated some of the smaller strands that were too stuck together for me taste. Added a bit more, a second layer I guess, to the left hand and face. Also, since I mixed way too much Greenstuff (as usual) I went ahead and based him and did a nice smooth later to cover the metal integral base. Pic below of the Worm in front of my Ghoulie bag paints.




Very Nice!  also 03023: Worm Corpse


Yes, I've seen the Worm Corpse mini. For my purposes though, one of the big bad's in this adventure path (Wrath of the Righteous) is a Worm that Walks named Xanthir Vang. He's a spellcaster and the leader of a group called the Blackfire Adepts. WizKids has a prepainted miniature of him in the Pathfinder Battles line, but I don't particularly care for it either, and buying it as a single is about $10. This is cheaper, more fun, and I think it will turn out looking much cooler (hopefully).

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Greenstuff is cured enough to prime, so here's a shot of the mini primed and basecoated with grey liner. I'm not sure if I'm going to go with a pink or more of a moldy grey for the worms (maybe something in-between). I'm also thinking of using clear red for the gem on the staff, but I've never used it before. Anybody have any tips?



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Damn, I love your conversion!




I made good use of my ghoulie bag paints that came in today, and mixed some of the breast cancer awareness pink and moldy skin, along with some grey liner to darken it a bit. Base coat for worms is on. I was a little sloppy around the right "hand" so I've got some clean-up work to do later.







Got some detail work done this morning. I'm unsure whether I want to keep the red "eyes" on him or not. Any thoughts?



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More detail work completed. I feel like I'm nearly finished. It needs a bit of clean-up, which is much more apparent in the photos than when I'm holding it in my hand (one of the reasons I take so many, lets me see the details a lot better).







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I think I would do a wash over the worms to darken the areas between the "worms" and make them stand out more. I personally would get rid of the eyes. I think he would be creepier without but that is only my opinion. I think he is really awesome and I would freak if this popped up on the game table. Will he regenerate if parts of him get chopped?

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