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Undead Lords #1: Lich

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Here's the first of my high level undead I received in my latest shipment of minis, the Dark Heaven Bones Lich. I primed it in Reaper brown liner and dry-brushed the chest, face, and hands then added some spectral green (Reaper spectral white mixed with Reaper viper green). I'm working on him while the Greenstuff on my Worm that Walks project cures. Apologies for the bad lighting. My camera's flash pretty much washed out the green. I'll attempt to get a better pic uploaded.




Edit: Added a close-up in front of the Ghoulie bag paints wall. I think the green showed up much better in this one:




I'm going to be doing a series of these for use in the future Pathfinder campaign. I've got Ghost King (77161), Whispering Tyrant (89031), and Moandain, Arch Lich (03725) to do as well. I'm probably going to be using this green mix for all of them if it turns out well.



Edit: Show-off thread - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64964-undead-lords-1-lich/

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    • By Bonnie Bailey
      I finally finished this project! This was a mini I got a forgotten number of years ago with an order during October. Being as this is a more modern vibe the first thing that came to my mind first is: Make her a neon Witch! This was such a joy to paint. It was my first real attempt at osl and sheer fabric. I used quite a few reaper paints but I will give you the main ones that pulled of the effects that I wanted. If you have other question feel free to ask and I will share with you what I used/did. 
      Dominant paints used:
      Punk rock pink 09286
      Marid blue 89526
      Clear magenta 09098
      Regal purple 09238
      Clear purple 09099
      Nightmare black 09280
      Fair skin 09047
      Dark elf skin 09164
      Pure black 09037
      Pure white 09039
      Let me know what you think!

    • By kristof65
      Some random conversions I threw together.
      Frank Buck, from Chronoscope, converted to a fantasy figure by adding some Boneyard pieces I picked up at ReaperCon.

      NOVA Female Trooper head swap. An extra Tara the Silent donated her head

      Attempts at some baby griffons using the falcon and cat from one of the Bones Familiar packs. I'd rather have a rainbowsculptor or Talespinner sculpt, but these will do for my D&D campaign.

    • By ryc03
      Mostly airbrushed with Citadel paint, with a bit of Tamiya clear green for the eyes and additional gloss coat hand painted on the rotting flesh to add to the effect. Sneaked a bit of Nurgle's Rot as well just to add more Ooze to the rotting flesh.
      Unfortunately I was completely out of idea and time with the rock base by the time I have finished with the dragon itself, so I just hastily sprayed it with sand brown, dark brown and a quick wash of nulin oil. I'll probably revisit the base later.


    • By ryc03
      While I haven't try to play D&D, I have a friend who does, and his friends want some of their miniatures painted. Before I accept the request  want to see if my painting skills is presentable for gaming. so I pulled a couple of figures out from my kickstart rewards and paint them up.
      All are done with Citadel paint by hand.






    • By BrokenWolf668
      Can't show too much of the front of her, so here's some forum friendly pics. Not super happy with the sculpt on this one, I'm going to get the metal version and have another go after the holidays. 

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