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Breathing New Life Into Old Monsters


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I like it a lot.  It would be a very interesting take on the subject, and fun to play.  It would really mess with some of the characters who have a higher morality.  Is it right to overthrow the Mind Flayers because it IS a lot like drugs?  Is it wrong to take someone away from a choice they made freely, even if it's bad for them?  It should add a lot of depth to the roleplay.

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Hmmm, I remember the version of mindflayers that I made for Pathfinder, way back when Pathfinder was new.


In that case the mindflayers ate the brain, and regurgitated an infant 'flayer into the skull cavity - which had the memories of the now devoured brain. (I call them 'thids.)


Over time the 'thid gets less and less human. The first obvious sign being when the tentacles erupt from the mouth....


Came in handy later, when Reaper released their version of the Hounds of Tindalos.... 50289_p_1_mj.jpg

What happens when a canine is impregnated by a 'thid.


The Auld Grump - I have been tempted to do an elephant that has been chosen as a host....

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Reminds me of the wire addicts from the Ring World universe. Well done.

What were those things called, Drouds?


Worn behind the ear...sorta like a blue-tooth device...  :ph34r: 

Larry Niven predicted the illicit sale of human organs too...  :ph34r:  :ph34r:





The most creative thing I ever did (and 'twasn't much of a much really) was to create Doubled-Down Doppel Dragons.


These were nothing other than taking the base stats of two different dragons and just adding them across the board. So a green dragon would contribute, 9HD, cloud breath weapon, and green scales and a black dragon would add, 11HD, acid jet weapon, and black scales...


Result: 20HD Dragon, Alternating Black/Green scale pattern, choice of two breath weapons, three shots of each type, etc.

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