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Blackout: Journey into Darkness


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Looks like their third attempt has been successful



About this project


Blackout is a post-apocalyptic dungeon crawler for 1-5 players. Players take control of 1 or more characters and venture out into the Northern Wastes in search of glory and renown. Blackout is a mission-based leveling system that offers savage combat and rewarding exploration. Blackout is designed for solo, and co-op play, offering 15-20 hours of play.



Each Blackout unlock adds more miniatures into the base game! 34 additional figures to unlock over the course of the campaign! These miniatures will be added to the core game as the stretch goals are unlocked.




Blackout includes 32 high quality plastic miniatures, a 48 page rule book, a 20 page campaign book, doubled sided room and hall sections (representing alleyways/abandoned buildings and underground tunnel/maintenance chambers), debris markers, objectives, status counters, player cards, enemy cards, item cards, event cards, and 6 ten-sided dice.




Over the years, various groups have passed through Sector 44. One of those groups in particular has been successful in entering the Black Zones and retrieving valuable supplies and technology. These individuals have come into contact with the Brood and prevailed, destroying the parasites they encountered. They are referred to as "Outlanders" and pride themselves on their ability to live freely on the surface. Demand for the Outlander bands is common in the Northern Wastes, as settlements above and beneath the surface have no choice but to hire them out if they wish to survive. They do whatever is needed: gathering food, technology, or weapons and even retrieving those foolish enough to venture into the Black Zones on their own. The Outlander teams deliver and are worth every penny.


Teams that enlist a tracker benefit from an individual with balanced fighting characteristics. The Tracker is a capable combatant, able to pick off targets silently as well as holding his own in close quarters with knives and handguns. Outlander teams often seek out individuals that have spent years on the surface, honing the ability to track and kill their prey.


Engineers possess a wide range of skills and often make good leaders. The engineer tends to lean on specialty equipment, often personally modified to increase range, deal greater damage, or both. In addition, the Engineer favors durability over agility, often wearing body armor.


Adding Reconnaissance to your team greatly increases your effectiveness, allowing you to strike a blow at enemies with far more information at hand. Recon specialists are smart and resourceful, relying on their brains when brute force will not suffice.


Outlander teams embed a Slayer into the team when they are in need of an individual that specializes in close combat techniques. These combatants can strike with deadly force, obliterating their enemies with ease. Only the most aggressive and capable hand to hand fighters can carry the burden of fighting in such close quarters with such desperation.

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It's back again. Third time lucky? It could be.


From the last campaign, older design documents etc, one of the reasons this one really excited me last time is that it reminds me heavily of Advanced Heroquest (a far superior game to the later Warhammer Quest although less well known). Warhammer Quest had balance issues. Advanced Heroquest was considerably better balanced.


I've backed it (because I did last time). I'll see how it goes. That Sword & Sorceryr "moba style" fantasy boardgame in which you play the ghosts of long lost heroes trying to save the world from something nasty is going to be launching it's project around Friday so I get to wait and see. There'll also be Shieldwolf's Shieldmaiden campaign at some point and there's probably a whole load of others launching in the next few weeks as well. We'll just have to see how this one holds up over the course of it's run.


I do like a lot of the new sculpts 'though. Less clones. More variety.

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I do like a lot of the new sculpts 'though. Less clones. More variety.


Yes it's better ..


This version reminds me of the Vampire Hunters KS (which *alas* was cancelled at 250% funding), also with (now) alternative sculpts for the monsters. And additional "teams".

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I want to back this... but the comments are pretty negative about past unfufilled projects and little communication... So I will see if this makes retail...


I should really check this but a lot of those comments seem to be similar to the troll/hate comments that plagued the Fallen Frontiers project. When someone raises a valid concern that's a good thing. When the same person raises the same concern multiple times in a handful of hours without waiting for some sort of response from the project creator (and usually demanding a response from the project creator each time while allowing an unrealistic amount of time to reply before demanding again) it starts to feel antagonistic. when a large group of them all turn up at once behaving the same way it starts to feel like a concerted & organised effort to destroy the project before it got started.


It's entirely possible that this fellow does have unfinished business and unhappy backers from previous projects. Ironically some of the detractors have later commented that the chap got in touch with them and sorted out their issues. Some. Not all. I recall some particular people on other forums publicly stating that they were going to "destroy" certain campaigns before they could get funded. I suppose it takes a certain kind of person to bring that much bile and hatred to bear on something with little justification but such people do exist.


I honestly don't know how many of these people have genuine grievances to bear. I do recall a concerted effort by a number of backers to undermine the project & drive other backers away while the previous iteration was running. I would not be surprised if it was not the same gang of thugs up to their usual tricks once again. I'm perfectly willing to believe that it is all a con and mr Broadwater will not deliver if such proof can be provided. Currently I'm recognising a similar trend to last time (not recognising particular people so much as the strong "anti campaign" campaign feeling).


Last time I recall having some very nice and friendly discussions regarding the design of the game, the rules, the world. This nice and friendly discussion was amidst a tidal wave of negativity. This time 'round I've had all those discussions before. I don't know if it's fatigue but I just don't feel up to battling this crowd of sadistic destructive people all over again.

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bfrench dug up this info: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1453049/warning


I see that some of you have questions about my previous Kickstarters. Zero Hour has been shipping out to customers and I am down to the last 200 orders out of 1000. I have posted updates each month explaining the process and were we are with development, production and shipping. All backers receiving their package has been very happy with the game and execution. I ship packages every week and will continue to do so until they are all shipped. Blackout is on the 3rd iteration because of feedback from backers to improve the game.Legendary Monsters have taken far longer than anticipated but I have produced 3 of the 4 creatures with the 4th being finalized right now. This is a different process since it involves all hand done stages of casting, moldmaking and hand done assembly and painting. This is something I am working to speed up and not factory based work but done by hand in the US.



I think it's a bad idea to not finish up your KS projects, unless you're a "large" company that can get away with it (eg. CMON). If one projects gets delayed, it can affect the other ones. There's also a chance that a creator uses a KS to fund a previous project that needs money. I'm not interested in the project to really do any more research, but if anyone has more info, do post!

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A small company starting a new KS when they have an outstanding project? No way then, I've seen this before. Let other folks get their money used to pay for a previous project's reward.


Shame too, I do like that this one is 5 player co-op. Some of the figs are nice.

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It is tempting. Nice looking minis, and I love that the first 4 stretch goals are gender swapped versions of the core heroes. The concerns raised do worry me though. Still, it raised over 50k in a day, so there must be a pretty big group of people who think it's a worthwhile risk.

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A number of those disgruntled backers have had the decency to later come forth and let us all know that mr Broadwater has got in touch with them and is sorting out their problems. The fact that they're willingly open to admit this is a good sign as far as I'm concerned. It means a lot more to me coming from them than it would coming from the project creator himself.

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It's back again. Third time lucky? It could be.


I do like a lot of the new sculpts 'though. Less clones. More variety.

Same here. I absolutely LOVE those monster sculpts, especially now they have more poses!

I even find them more creepy than the horrors in many fantasy games, they look far less cartoony and very realistic! ^_^


It would be so really, really great if we could unlock them all!

If we at least make 200k we get the mindcrawlers. The wildlife after those would be really a great bonus.

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Is there a "Just the Minis?" Please?


Not that I know of. It's possible that such an option may be added later although I don't believe it's a high probability.



I wouldn't mind a "just the monsters" pack either ^_^ .. but as there are no add-ons, a $1 pledge level wouldn't make any sense either.

BUt who knows ..

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A number of those disgruntled backers have had the decency to later come forth and let us all know that mr Broadwater has got in touch with them and is sorting out their problems. The fact that they're willingly open to admit this is a good sign as far as I'm concerned. It means a lot more to me coming from them than it would coming from the project creator himself.

Yes I used to be worried too but it seems the creator has everything sorted now. Also this KS he has reduced the number of necessary suppliers and such.


Problem is a bit that the game seemingly doesn't get a lot of exposure. Even though I think the minis are superb.

And I think that adding alternative poses doesn't "feel" as good as offering more of the same minis.

Really too bad.


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