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Pig Faced Orcs I (O1) Otherworld Miniatures

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A long time ago, this is pretty much what I imagined orcs SHOULD look like, period.  When I saw Return of the Jedi, and the Gamorrean Guards at Jabba's Palace?  Orcs!  Maybe it helped that "orc" sounds like "pork."


The coloration scheme also reminds me just a little of this:




Anyway, great-looking porcs!  :)

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Haha. Nice. Otherworld basically picked up a first edition Monster Manual and went to town. Big fan of the retro monster look. Hey, if you're a fan of Star Wars and dark humor, I've got something for you to check out. Not sure if it's kosher to post here...


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Nice! I've still got my 1st Edition AD&D books. The artwork is how I imagine the monsters to look, so I'm happy that Otherworld is going back to the "roots". Not only in their figures, but in their skirmish game.


Great job on these. They bring back some of the old lead nostalgia.

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Huh!  I didn't realize they were formally presented that way in 1st edition.  Even the old Rankin Bass "Hobbit" orcs look very bestial.  It makes me wonder how we got from that to the present orc standard that's more akin to just being human-like, but with bigger physiques, pointy ears, protruding teeth, and somewhat "Neanderthal" facial proportions.  (But then, I suppose that as soon as "half-orc" was offered as a race option, that pretty much demanded that orcs end up looking much more human.)

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The pig-faced orcs didn't last long at all. Minifigs was the only company that produced them that way. It may well have been the influence of Ralph Bakshi with the first Lord of the Rings filmed that started to change the perceptions of Orcs from a sculpting point of view. Heritage had already produced "orcs" as part of their regular line that were not pig faced nor were the orcs in the originally licensed LoTR miniatures line that they also produced. I might lean more towards Wart Hog for the LoTR orcs.


I don't recall any of Ral Partha's Orcs looking pig faced at all when they started to produce them. I think that part of the move away is because everyone wanted to produce fantasy miniatures but Minifigs already had licensing rights for D&D so no one else could produce the pig faced look without violating copyright so you saw a pretty quick move to the non-pig faced look.

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Interesting history, Heisler.


On a similar note, I remember buying some figures from Dark Horse (?) that looked like the critter on the cover of the Fiend Folio. Right after I got them, they were forced to stop making them by TSR.  I still have a couple of them (unpainted).

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