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Figure Finder: Jabba/Mob/Gang Boss

Arc 724

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So in my long and endless planning of a Star Wars campaign I thought of crime syndicates. I want a run in (or two, or a dozen) with the Hutt's and I would also like some with local gangs, space pirates and what not. I have been looking around for a while at different miniatures for such things. 


It's time to throw the net out to this fine Reaper Community







So the campaign takes place WAY after the new Jedi Order. The Jedi are fully establish again like Episode on One/Two. (About 20 years BBY*).


I have found two miniatures in the Reaper catalog that fit the bill. I like the look of these but they are not enough. I would really like an alien. I have also considered Infinity Miniature armies. Mixing and matching.





If y'all have any recommendations please share them here, I greatly appreciate it!


*BBY stands for Before the Battle of Yavin. The Battle of Yavin is the battle at the end of Star Wars A New Hope when the Rebels fought the empire and destroyed the first Death Star.



Figure Finder Catalog:

Part 1: Styx: Master of Shadows

Part 2: Jabba Mod/Gang Boss


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Great idea's so far, thank you all, keep them coming! 


Some stuff I found looking for Space Slugs on GIS


Trollforged has a Slug Demon and also a Mutant Dregs Overlord.


Your PCs will not expect to be outsmarted by this Thunderbolt Mountain slug



Wow! Thank you for the pictures to back it up! And your right, they would NEVER expect that guy. I might just have to get him for that very reason. :)

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Also maybe try some of the Horror Clix and Hero Clix.


Horrorclix has the fat woman from the Creepshow line.

Hero Clix has The Blob from Xmen.  There are a three poses too, so you should be able to modify them fairly easily to make a group.

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So I was wondering around Warlord Games and found a few miniature that kind of fit the bill. One of them is hilarious!


Warlord Games:

  1. Judge Dredd / Fattie Stampede / Fattie with Pistol
    • Very large, fat figure, it's funny. He even has a wheel supporting him b/c he's so fat.
  2. Judge Dredd / The Ape Gang / Orang-utan Boss
    • Looks like the orangutan from the older Planet of the Ape's movies. I'm always looking for non-human figures.
  3. Antares / Mercenaries / Bovan TUk, Mhagris Mercenary Leader
    • Hardcore, barbarian-ish style. Pretty brutal looking while looking Sci-fi.
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Found something else that has an interesting look.



Saw a discussion about Scibor Miniatures and I've never heard of them so I was browsing the website and found this.


28mm Ogre Gunner #1 OGSE0014




I could mod that rifle to look more sci-fi.

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