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Mousling riding a Kangaroo Rat

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That's probably actually one of the ratmen from the Verminite line.


The mice were a bit cuter, but nothing like the ones being made now.


Sadly I was a broke college student at the time and didn't get any.

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I have a mounted ratman too. The kangaroo rat was the same model with some armor bits added. The proportions of the ratman is much more human-like as opposed to this round-bodied mouse.


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I did a few of those way back when...a nice miniature that you did up BEAUTIFULLY. The patchwork cloak is especially nice. TERRIFIC WORK!

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    • By Ratmaster2000
      So I finished up the insane project of Mouslings just in time for my son's celebration at school, the WIP is here:
      Overall it drove me crazy, mainly because they are without a doubt the smallest things I have ever worked on and were extremely hard to paint. The kids really made me feel good about the whole thing though, as many of the kids (almost the whole class?) came up and were really appreciative of the gift. The teacher was even in awe of the detail on them and that I had hand painted them for all the kids.
      So, here is which mouslings were done:
      77286 Mousling King & Princess (3 each)
      77287 Mousling Thief & Assassin (1)
      77288 Mousling Sorcerer & Samurai (2)
      77289 Mousling Ranger & Yeoman (2)
      77290 Mousling Druid & Beekeeper (2)
      77547 Mousling Eastern (2)
      77548 Wizard Mouslings (3)
      Here is the first Group of 21 that were Clear coated first, followed by the 9 who got clear coated and returned to the kids the following day:)

      And now, closeups of the groups in no particular order :) As always, C&C is appreciated.


    • By Ratmaster2000
      So, I am taking on a quite ambitious project, I need these 30 mouslings ready for my son's 4th grade class by Friday??? (maybe following Monday, which would be nice haha) so he can give them out when they celebrate his birthday. So, here's the mini's (I am short two, but it should work out since there are 30 in his class and that's what Miniature Market sent. I ordered 32):

      Here they are unpacked, after a good washing:

      Mr. Bones is there because he will be my test case once they are all painted, he will be the one getting a matte varnish through my airbrush to see if I have everything correct, then I will know I am safe to coat all the rest:) More pics to come once I mount these tonight and get a primer coat on them tomorrow so I can see details.
    • By Glitterwolf
      These are from Kensei, I got them from their Kickstarter Wako vs Namban.
      I used them as Conquistadores for my Lost World Project.
      5 Herruelos ( Cavalry with arquebuses).
      I got some great advice from @SisterMaryNapalm about the horses, I do think they look better this way.
      WIP here.
      I used resin bases and made two myself with a Rollerpin from Greenstuffworld.

    • By Shadowphaze
      Welcome to my first ever WIP thread!  Where I try and paint half as good as the rest of you!  
      I love the mousling line Reaper does and the space mouslings were too cute to resist.  I picked up the collector's set on a mystery site too.  If I like this I might use it at Reapercon.
      Some assembly is required...  so stay tuned.

    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      The second group of November Mice are done. 

      It's good to be the king.

      Despite being labelled as a Druid, the mouse on the left reminds me more of a Necromancer type. 

      The Samurai's colors were inspired by the costume for Blackthorne in the Shogun tv series. The Wizard's colors stem from the character of Alexander the Magical Mouse, although I've yet to paint up an alligator from him to befriend.

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