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Delta Green the RPG (a reboot) plus "The Fall of Delta Green" (gumshoe system)

Carnacki the Ghost Finder

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Live and already very well-funded. Has a Kenneth Hite project called "The Fall of Delta Green" using Gumshoe tucked away inside it.


I confess I found this project's pledge levels as confusing as the Chaosium CoC 7th edition pledge levels. Too much text tries my patience, man.


11 days to go:




I post this here although I am not sure about backing myself, partly because I have older editions of this material and I am not sure what has changed.


EDIT: I just realized this is a stand alone RPG, rather than the older, CoC supplement.


EDIT EDIT: They state this in the FAQ, which I repeat here in case anyone can explain it to me:


"Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game is based on the percentile system used in games such as Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest. We started with the RuneQuest system and the Sanity system that are covered by the Open Gaming License and customized them heavily to fit Delta Green."


I was not aware that any material from RuneQuest or CoC were OGL.


Adam Scott Glancy is a major contributor but has yet to fulfill his "Horrors of War" Kickstarter project, and has been asked about his divided duties on the comments for the latter project. He seems to be dealing with it though. Just behind.

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