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77156: Owlbear

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I like your idea for the eyes, and think I may steal that myself. That's one psychotic looking owlbear!

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@Frogimus- I use Duncan paints mostly because I got a bunch of them for free.  I believe I used my skin tone shade which they list as a light brown and then highlighted with some french vanilla. I really like how it looks in person, it didn't look quite as good in the pics.


@TheOldGuard and Dr.Bedlam- TY I really like the eyes as well.


@Xherman 1964- TY I wanted something that looked like it could easily slip out of the shadows.

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The eyes look great.  

I was going to comment on the claws too, but you mentioned them earlier, so I will move along. 

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    • By NebulousMissy
      Compared to the Bones Black owlbear, this guy was pretty puny. With fewer feathers. And odd spines. And skinny! Who ever heard of a skinny bear? 
      Then it hit me. This is a juvenile. It's an owlcub! Or is it an owletbear?

      The spines aren't spines, they're pinfeathers.

      Fluffy owletbear covered in gray down feathers. With a downy belly and fully feathered mask 

      Based off of pictures of barn owlets because those things look horrifying
    • By Glitterwolf
      My first Black Bones mini, I got this lovely Owlbear from @Corsair !!!
      Thanks friend I hope did it proud!
      WIP here if interested:
      It took primer and paint very well.
      Glued with Greenstuffworld Superglue to it's base and flocked.
      Hope you like it!

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      Started painting all of these old D&D pewter chainmail minitures game minis.

    • By Glitterwolf
      Primed the Owlbear I got from @Corsair

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      Like a number of you I picked up one of the new owlbears to see what the Bones Black material was all about.  Given the local weather I decided to paint it up as one of those mythic polar owlbears you occasionally see wandering around.

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