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I have a week off for Fall Break, so I'm starting my second-ever bust! This is the "Germanic Warrior AD 9" from Heroes & Villains Miniatures. The neck joint is a little wonky, and it's way out of the way, so I had a hard time patching it. We'll see how it turns out once it's painted up. I also don't have the advantage of the pirate's naturally expressive face, so I'll have to really make sure I'm putting enough contrast down in the right places.





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I've seen this particular bust painted up quite a few times and each time I really enjoy how people interpret it. You are off to a great start, I'm really looking forward to your interpretation! 

Yeah, some of the absolute best painting I've ever seen was on this bust, which is... a little intimidating, honestly. I'm just doing my best to follow my own vision and try not to think about other people's interpretations.

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Alright, he's nearing completion, but I think I'm going to have to go put down some deeper skin shadows; I'm just not satisfied with the contrast on his face compared to the rest of him. I'm also going to go in with a red glaze to put some color in his cheeks and nose, but that's my last skin step so it'll have to wait for the shading. Besides that, I think it's just his cuff left to do. Not sure what I'm going to do for that--try for NMM (which I'm almost totally new to) or a warm TMM gold (with metallic paints I find pretty hard to work with). Given the limited palette on the rest of him, I can't get away with the greenish Clockwork Brass that I often turn to when I need metallics. Oh, and I have to do something about his lips, too.



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After a really busy week, I finally had a chance to relax and slap a little more paint down. I focused on the skin, layering in some more shading and glazing in some color. You can't really see it too well in the pictures, but his hand has some blue veins going on. I guess I made them too subtle; I'll have to give that another pass. Otherwise, though, I think I'm pretty much at the point where I have to do whatever I'm going to do with the cuff and call it done.



EDIT: Reviewed the photos, added a couple of highlights back in and put another layer of blue down on those veins. They're really visible in person, but still not so much in the photos, so I think I'll just have to leave them there. Also, the first estimation of where the highlight will go!


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