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Kanaag, Half Orc (02898) & Companion (P02934B)


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Hey all!

Need some opinions from you all on this guy:



I like the figure, HATE the weapons!

Not sure what this fascination with jagged edged blades, but I plan on swapping them out.

The question is for what?


Now the haft of the weapon in the figure's right hand (Whatever it is...) extends past his elbow to half way up his upper arm. So this leads me to think of it as more of a pole arm than a sword. Maybe not as the haft is 3/4 the length of the blade. Obviously a hand-and-a-half sword if not a 2 hander. The downward slope of his arm, and the way his thumb rests on top of the haft kind of rules out a sword for me anyway, as a sword of the right length would extend below the base, and his thumb is where the hilts would be.

Digging through my weapons packs leads me to think that an axe is going to be my best bet, as an axe can be one or two handed, and the wrappings of the haft against his arm would work well on an axe haft. I suppose a mace or hammer could work as well....



I have the axe on the the right hand sprue, the one on the left hand sprue just doesn't seem big enough...



And I have the two two-handed axes from the bottom middle sprue



I suppose I could use the sword on the right hand sprue, the one next to the quiver, not the odd one...

But the length takes it to the middle of the base's height, if not below...

And he has no scabbard.


So if you had this figure with the sword blade missing, which would you use? What would you do?


He also has something in his left hand that looks like he is grabbing a bat and the out stretched wings are blades...

What do I put there?

As can be seen on the mini, he has daggers in different places, plus a bow and quiver.

Do I just make it look like he is holding out a clenched fist??? There is some bit of a handle in his hand...


So Ideas, thoughts opinions?

I am beginning to sculpt a little bit with green stuff, but a whole weapon is not something to be done with GS from what I have read...

But maybe a hammer or mace head?


Thanks for looking and thinking!





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If it were me, I'd first try to smooth the jagged-ness out of the existing weapon and turn it into something like a falchion. Snips, knife and a file.


Alternatively, I might take some styrene sheet, medium thickness, cut it into a falchion shape, and then use a knife to shave an edge into it.


My next choice would be a large axe head.

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Liking Bruunvald and Xherman's suggestions.  Possibly something long-hafted, as though he's tucking it against his arm.  Though some of the axes, particularly the double-bearded on the right of the bottom axe sprue, look fitting for a slightly berserk ranger.

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If it were me, I'd first try to smooth the jagged-ness out of the existing weapon and turn it into something like a falchion. Snips, knife and a file.


This is what I first thought of as it wouldn't be too terribly hard to do.


If I were going to go with a full weapon swap, I'd actually be tempted to go with an iron headed/topped staff.  Although, to be honest, I'm no sure if it currently has enough space for that, you might have to drill the whole thing out.

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This is a cool figure. I think a spear or staff might suit him. I can't see his other hand enough to see what he is actually holding.


Edit: I googled him and yeah, I don't like the thing he is holding either. You could maybe go with a dagger or just about anything in that hand.

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Should have taken my own pics from the beginning.... (face-palm)


I did his eyes first, as that is my new thing for PC sized minis, then his skin with GW Tanned Flesh, I started him long before I got my Scale 75 paints...


post-14271-0-05712400-1445389438_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-94977900-1445389438_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-11956000-1445389437_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-11410600-1445389436_thumb.jpg


Some close ups of the issues:


Right Hand:


As can be seen in the close up of the right hand weapon haft, due to the wrappings, a spear or staff really would not work, at least without removing the whole thing, which I am kind of loath to do...

I also have the Axe head from Goldar:


Which also might be the way to go. The ght hand...axe from the first Pic of weapons, right hand sprue is the same length as the weapon currently in his ri


Left Hand:


I am wondering if he stole some Klingon's weapon with this thing. You can see that there is some kind of grip holding the blades together, which is again messing me up.

He already has a big fighting dagger on his belt, and 2 throwing daggers on his bandoleer. Unless I want to carve away the hilts, I think a dagger is out.

The other off hand weapons could be a small axe, hammer, or mace.


Thanks for all of the comments!

Keep them coming!



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I tried to carve the Falchion, thinking if I screwed it up, I could always cut it off...

I also removed the blades from his left hand...


So after much snipping, filing, and using the dremel tool, here are the results.

Coated with Reaper Brush On White Primer...


post-14271-0-67213100-1445397387_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-82007400-1445397413_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-88299200-1445397442_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-82853500-1445397448_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-34561600-1445397454_thumb.jpg


I tried to thin the blade a little, and will use the little bit in front of his right hand, and the protrusion below as a half guard.


Also, as the usual white background drank in any detail due to the white primer, I held up a stained diorama base that I ended up not using for my exchange minis....

What do you think?


Thoughts and opinions?


Thanks for looking!


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