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Bolt Action Ethiopians

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I've been painting up some Ethiopians for the game Bolt Action and here is a sampling of what I've done so far




From left to right we have some of Haile Selassie's Imperial Guard (uniform color based on CivV!), some Ethiopian warriors in traditional dress, some regulars and finally
some modded civil war Zouaves that I'm calling Haile Selassie's Harari Guard but would probably be more accurately used as Eritrean askaris in Italian service.

Once I get some warriors using traditional weapons and some horse and camel cav painted then I'll have to get around to basing these guys. Right now I'm planning on

doing them with grass and yellow flowers based on the cover of this novel which I've read one page of. That one page basically implies that these flowers that come out

after the rainy season would be nostalgic for people living in Addis Ababa. Good enough for me!


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Yeah.  On the one hand it's kind of "out there."   On the other, WW2 minis can really use something add a bit of color and make them stand out.  I also think that the strong theme to the basing will bring the whole army together when otherwise over here it's soldiers in modern uniforms with rifles and over there it's warriors in togas with swords. 


BTW, in addition to a bit of flock and static grass., it's mostly Buffalo Grass tufts and Buttercup flowers from Scenic Express.  


Main thing I've learned is that if you are just going to end up going through the trouble of covering up the ground it's better to paint the base green in the fist place.  I guess I'll just paint the edge of the washers with the red earth color.

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For sure.  That is always the challenge with historicals.  How do you keep true to the uniform details while still expressing your want to be creative?  I think you did a fine job.


BTW, I always paint under any sort of sand/flocking I may be using for minis that will be used in games.  Accidents will always happen.  By painting the bases first, any areas that get damaged will still blend in (hopefully).


Keep up the great work!

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Step one:  Choose thread title.

Step two:  Get distracted and make something that doesn't quite fit the thread title.


Here are some Ethiopian Arquebusiers that I put together using Perry Mahdist heads,  Perry Zouave bodies and Warlord's Pike and Shotte infantry.  Warlords minis have heads with long curly hair so I wasn't able to do just a head swap.    It's either this or a story about a hidden cache of hair relaxer...




I need to fill gaps and file down areas that don't match well. but I think it'll work.



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More more more!


A squad of Harari Guard (with sergeant)


Another squad of traditionally dressed riflemen (with leader)


More Harari Guard (sergeant out for repainting)


Another squad of regulars (with sergeant)


Some more traditional hand weapons


A squad of Imperial Guard


Finally, yet more traditional riflemen.



I think it's time to get back to painting.  I need to paint up some Imperial Guard officers and sergeants and also my IG cavalry.  


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I like them. I find the bases very distracting although they look good and are very well done. My personal preference is for the bases to appear to be part of the gaming table. Since I don't have any terrain that would suit these they would just start to look odd. But if it makes you happy that's all that counts in the end. A box full of miniatures is definitely not a problem! You aren't even beginning to approach some WWII skirmish collections I have seen. If you get the opportunity try Chain of Command from Too Fat Lardies.

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