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Bolt Action Ethiopians

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And with this mixed squad of leftovers I'm done basing for now.  There are some guys with hand weapons but they'll probably be used to fill out bases for Kings of War.   I guess I better check out where I'm sitting for Lion Rampant before I start taking them off their washers though.


I've just started painting up weapon crews and cav that are actually early WW1 british minis but I'm using as Imperial Guard because the service caps match pretty well.  I also have an Italian 75mm gun that has way too many parts and no instructions.  





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Some Cav, traditional (well Sudanese and Somalis) and The Imperial Guard (WW1 Brits)




Bought a few matchbox trucks.  Now I'll have to repaint them to get them ready for battle, exactly like both the Ethiopians and Italians had to do.  Well, I don't think they found their trucks on Ebay.




Speaking of Italians, I got my first squad today.   Some Ber ,,,  Ber ... [Checks with Osprey]  Bersaglieri




These guys are from Askari miniatures.  They make nice minis even if the poses aren't always the very best.  But I think they need to be rewarded since they make Ethiopians.  Also they answer their email and ship stuff out super fast.

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