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Caelan, Avatar of Justice (Aka Kristianna & Warg)

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So I painted up this little lady a month or two ago now, and I've had some fights with her... But now she's based and I've decided what the hell, I'm done with her. 


Now this is my paladin from my pathfinder group =] she's a half-drow pally with a serious justice thing going on, and also, she's a werewolf, because why not =]




Now, she's got an overly huge halberd on her, because my conversions were a bit dodgier in the beginning with regards to scale. I'll probably replace her at some point, because I'm not 100% on her for my character in truth, but what do. For the time being, she's fun enough =]




As a werewolf though, I of course needed to get her a werewolf mini! I'm not really into the more humanoid wolf/man type werewolves though, as I tend to find them too muscly and stuff... So I grabbed a Bones Warg instead for her. This was in the fact the very first mini I ever painted, under Drifter's guidance ^_^ and she's only just gotten based, hence she's not shown up before. 




So there's Caelan the Pally, in both her lovely forms ^_^


Now... Paints. Arghh, it's been a while, and right now I'm at Drifter's, so I can't actually access my stack of paints to double check them, so here goes...


Kristianna is painted with...


Nuln Oil

Seraphim Sepia

Khorne Red

The Blue Glaze that I can't remember the name of right now

Fenrisian Grey 

Auric Armour


White Scar 

Pallid Wych Flesh or Flayed One Flesh, I honestly can't remember 

Drakenhof Nightshade


And she's got some P3 too:

Cold Steel

Bloodtracker Brown

Umbral Umber 


The Warg, on the other hand, is painted with...


Standard Mechanicus Grey 

Khorne Red

Abaddon Black 

Nuln Oil 

White Scar

... I think. I dunno, I'll be honest, it was months ago and it was Drifter's paints ^^; 


But yush, there we  go. A post from me, while I'm away xD but yay, I've learned to base things a bit now, so hopefully everything in future will be more nicely finished ^_^

These two have Army Painter tufts and turf on them, and sand taken from the beach at Drifter's (because the sand on my beach is kinda icky). 


Also, bonus fun fact: We found the Raging Heroes Kickstarter for TGG2 today. I just blew £93 on it *facepalm* Ahhh well... What do, eh? 


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Love the ridiculously huge halbred. Really nice conversion. Also love the warg. Looking forward to painting mine.


Thanks ^_^ 

The warg remains one of my favourite minis, haha, it's a rather lovely thing =] 


Nicely done!


Thank you =] 

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Very Nice!

Good job on the bases too!




Thanks ^_^

I was kinda daunted by basing to begin with, but it was infinitely less painful than I thought it would be, haha.


Well done on the both!


Thanks ^_^


Very nice. I really like the warg and good job on the basing.


Thank you =] 

Actually quite enjoyed basing, once I got to the grass tufts and all =] just waiting for the ink on the sand and stuff to dry that was on the tedious side. 


Nice job!!


Bonus points for painting a WOLF!!!


Haha, thank you <3 

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They're both really cool.  I love the huge oversized weapon.


Thank you ^_^


I dig both, but that warg is a treat. Awesome job!


Cheers <3 =]


She's lovely indeed! Both minis look really great! You got a great blend on the blues of her cloth and the warg's fur looks awesome!


Thanks ^_^

Caelan actually started out a lot paler, but I ran into issues with the white to pale blue shifts and her shadows, which just... Got weird, for some reason. I ended up just painting her over a lot and ended up with a lot more blue coverage, but then she was uber pastel *facepalm* And then she met my blue glaze, haha. She ended up in quite a different place compared to where I envisioned when I started her. 



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