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Greenskin Color, Pushing It (Black Orc 03405, Tre Manor)

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Here's a mild-mannered experiment I slapped together tonight. I feel I'm pretty timid when it comes to pushing skin highlights, but go too far with shadows, so I spent some time just *playing* at roughing in colors on this Bones Black Orc. Objective: don't think too much, don't worry about doing a "good" job, and push the limits of what you're comfortable with in terms of highlights. Worked straight from the palette, mixed as I went, and didn't fuss around with layering, glazing or washing.


This is where I ended up. Enjoyed myself immensely, even if it's not very pretty. Comments and constructive criticism are very welcome -- color choices, shadow and light placement, etc. are what I'm working on here.



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Looks pretty good, but since you asked for constructive criticism, I'll partake.


You see that bottom picture?  Look at the back of his left shoulder.  You see how the highlight on the large muscle (deltoid, I think) comes really far down?  It looks like it has come down to the point where the muscle is curving back, where no direct light is hitting it. 


Maybe that's a result of the light being used.


See how his left hand is raised?  You've highlighted the base of the palm well (it's dead-on against an overhead light, so it's the highest highlight color).  His elbow, a hard area, is suitably highlighted harshly.  The tricep, from the front, isn't highlighted that color, and fades as it is outside direct exposure to the light.  Excellent!  I probably would have gone a shade darker with the skin, as it's in shadow (it strikes me as a base-coat color rather than a shadow, but it's definitely not as light as your highlight, so it still looks pretty good).


The face is well done.  I'd suggest you pick out the bridge of his nose a bit, since his cheekbones and brow ridge (above his eyes) have more highlight than the nose.  But the fact that you've pushed the depths and brought out the highest points shows you're on the right track.


Well done!

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Thanks all for the encouragement! I had fun with this one.


Doug's Workshop: Thanks for the input -- it's good to know I'm not totally off the charts with this experiment. I went back and focused on the areas you mentioned, and noticed a few additional things. The left delt was a problem area, to be sure, even though part of what you're seeing in the pic is overlighting by my lamp. I got a little crazy (i.e. too much surface area) with the top highlight there, so I'm now playing with taming that down some. And now that I've pushed some of the bright areas so far, I'll likely go back and add in more base tones on the big surfaces and balance it out a bit, without totally destroying the "uber-smashy" drama created by the high contrast.


I'm tempted to try the same experiment on a couple more Black Orcs, maybe using different palettes. Grey-brown and deeper black-greens, maybe... 


For anyone interested, paints used on the skin:


Moss triad

Bright Skin Highlight mixed with Pale Lichen for the high points

Army painter Purple tone for the deep shadows, along with some Reapers (maybe Violet Shadow or Nightshade Purple?) in the deepest, stinkiest parts of the orc's armpits

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