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Lars Ragnarson and More


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I'm currently running a Fantasy HERO campaign, Ravagers of Rhûne, and I painted up some models for my players to represent their characters.



Lars Ragnarson is Ulfgar Hjalmarson, a warrior from the frozen isle of Jaegerland.  His people are the Iceborn, who once terrorized the northern lands under the leadership of their living god, the Frozen Lord.  Centuries ago the Frozen Lord was slain by the hero Simon, and the Iceborn were forced into retreat.  Now they are divided people, with the Iceborn of the Stormfjords clinging to their ancient bloodthirsty ways, while the Jaegerlanders have tried to join society by embracing the religion of Simon and giving up their warlike ways.  Ulfgar is a hold out, beholden to the old ways, who left the Jaegerland to travel the world in search of adventure and battle.  Ulfgar is descended from a line of berzerkers who served the Frozen Lord, and years ago Ulfgar underwent a ritual to awaken the frost giant blood that lies dormant in his bloodline.  As a result he can give himself over to the "frozen rage" -- granting him tremendous strength and power, as well as immunity to cold and ice-hard skin.



This Devin Dunhaus conversion is Rutger Ahon, an orphan raised in the city orphanages of Magath, Rutger has never known any family and draws his entire identity from his loyalty and service to his home town.  He once served as a marine in the Magath Free Company, then when the Free Company was brought low by the machinations of the Great Noble Houses, Rutger became a spy in the employ of the Lord Mayor of Magath.  He was instrumental in uncovering a secret cult within the rank's of the aristocratic elites and crippling the power of the Great Houses, which allowed the Lord Mayor to regain control of the city.  Rutger currently serves the Lord Mayor more openly as the Master of the Greyshields, Magath's city guard.  



Ezren, Iconic Wizard is Sihyaa al-Ni.  A former member of the Magisterium, a conclave of good wizards aligned with the Holy Church of Simon, Sihyaa was forced to resign due to the machinations of a rival wizard, but his dismissal is widely seen as a miscarriage of justice and he remains popular with many members of the Magisterium.  Sihyaa has gone into private practice, which he finds dreadfully dull, which is why he keeps allowing Rutger Ahon to drag him into various misadventures.



Velmarius Elazarin as "Mite".  Mute, dressed in dirty rags, and prone to random twitches, Mite is easily mistaken for a mentally deranged beggar or vagrant, but he was not always like this. He has no memory of who he was, and only vaguely understand what happened to him -- the prisoner of an evil sorcerer, his mind was used as a conduit to communicate with beings from beyond this reality. Sharing his mind with such bizarre alien intelligences left him amnesic and deranged, but also altered his mind and granted him access to incredible psionic powers.  Even stranger, he no longer eats or sleeps, and does not even seem to age, sustaining himself entirely on psychic energy.

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