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PANDEMONIUM: fantasy survival horror & miniatures

The game forger

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Hello, we’re the guys at TheGameForger and today we launch our first kickstarter: Pandemonium.

Tell us what you think about the project and thanks for your time.


kickstarter campaign:



Pandemonium takes the player to an unknown place inhabited by deadly creatures that will chase you relentlessly in an attempt to put an end to your life and devour your soul. Beginning as a typical horror story, the very foundations of this game pay tribute to the horror cinema from the 70s, 80s and 90s, borrowing their clichés and classic visual icons for a board game that is dynamic, agile, very entertaining and full of suspense, action and surprises.

Cooperative, semi-cooperative and elimination modes, lots of miniatures, 250 cards, 150 tokens, custom dice, more than 100 unique Items, combos, pacts, events, traps, barricades, allies and adventures booklet.


Fighting for our own survival, we will have to manage to escape from the house, invoke the Evil lurking inside and either defeat it or end up being corrupted by its darkness.

It will be important to learn how to collaborate with our game mates, always keeping our eyes wide open to avoid unpleasant surprises, though. After all, none of those who find themselves trapped in this forgotten place are completely innocent… including you.


Pandemonium launch date: 22 of October at 11.00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (New York).



You can explore, run, create barricades, battle monsters, create combos, call for help, repair the light generator, create deadly traps and discover ancient secrets while you decide your next move: escape the house or defeat the evil in it.


-1 to 5 players collaborative and semi-cooperative gameplay.

-Amazing character miniatures!

-Lots of creature 35 mm miniatures.

-Tons of weapons and magic objects to help you on your journey.

-12 level up combinations.

-Unleash devastating attack combos.

-Hundreds of different events make every play unique and fun.

-12 beautifully detailed map tile combinations.

-Customized dice.

-Pact with the Devil or try to destroy it in the Ultimate Boss battle!


Survival horror tabletop game with awesome miniatures. Fast turns, dynamic gameplay, easy rules and setup, lots of combinations, different game modes, modular maps, high quality components… enter Pandemonium and fight for your soul!

The kickstarter campaign will begin this 22nd of October and will offer exclusive stretch goals, with lots of references to classic horror movies. The Price is very competitive with an early bid of 69$ with everything unlocked.




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Thanks for the comments. We're happy 'cos the game funded in less than 5 hours, so we'll be able to unlock stretch goals and improve the game. That was a hard but exciting day :D


Smokestack, I understand your point of view, many people have commented the same, but we waned to offer something a little different that maybe collectors and players could enjoy. We are excited when we see something "new" as we have lots of games and tons of miniatures at home and it's impossible to play with all of them. So we toke some risky aesthetic decisions with the miniatures and some other elements of the game, like the maps, that are fully 3d rendered.

One of the advantages of cutting the legs is getting bigger bodies, which show better details and are a pleasure to paint. However, as i said, it's understandable that that decision doesn't please everybody.


Thanks for your comments and we'll keep you informed on the news.



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We entered our last 24 hours and need all your help to make a last effort and unlock all content.

We have a new cool video review by NVS Gameplays

We also have two packs full of content ready to unlock and just added the last character to the bunch of exclusive kickstarter miniatures:


New languages for the manuals are coming: german, dutch and postuguese/brazilian, which add to the already available english, spanish, italian and french. 8 languages. That's great!

We keep also looking for better shipping costs and just announced a great price for Australia and New Zealand backers: just $12.

We added losts of new add-ons, take a look because, even if you dn't own the game, there might be something useful to you. Or follow us with the $1 pledge, so you can have access to the "pledge manager" later.

Thanks for your help and feedback,

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This funded and got just under $100,000. Which is a great success. But I cant help but wonder how it would have done with traditional type miniatures. The quality of the miniatures looks really nice, if they had regular miniature would this have done as well as Blood Rage or Conan, or the millions that Zombicide has garnered... Especially black plague...

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