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Basing Cersei Lannister, DSM5005

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I thought after I posted the finished Cersei Lannister that I really should show how I created the base, and put the final

touches on her.  It was an amazing amount of work, since I was really clueless about what I was doing.  I just knew that

I wanted to show her off in the best  possible light.  So.. here is what I did to get her based.

I used the following:

1 1 inch square plastic base.

1 1 Inch square wooden block.

Cork board in various sizes.

Green stuff for rocks and the top of the balcony.

1 joker from a deck of cards with a black and white pattern.

Midnight black paint to fill in between the card backing and around the rocks.

I printed out a banner from a medieval history website, and used a bamboo

toothpick as the banner staff painted white, with a gold top crown.

I also pinned Cersei so I could place her where I wanted..


Here are some photos.








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When  I had allowed that to dry I then painted the "rocks and balcony bits".

Cut out the back of the playing card and glued it down.










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Love the way it all came together.  Its given me some ideas for whenever I get around to painting mine.

That''s why I posted.

I thought I would share what I went through to create the base.

Appreciate your response !!!

Figured I would share my experience.

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Very cool, thanks for sharing the process. Lots of interesting ideas, I like the playing card especially.

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Very cool, thanks for sharing the process. Lots of interesting ideas, I like the playing card especially.

A further note on the playing card angle.

If you travel in Europe (or live in Europe) you have an excellent opportunity to pick up national

playing cards.  Cups/wands/swords/and coins (instead of diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts).

You can also pick up tarot cards.  The backs are different designs, and the actual designs on the playing

cards themselves can be used to make some fantastic effects.  You could of course also just enter images on

the internet, and acquire European cards on line, but printing them might be tough on card stock.

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