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Grumpy Cave Bear

92652, 92654, 92656: Skeleton warrior archer, axeman, & guardian axeman

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Three more skeletons, this time with one in blue. These are in addition to the skellies I did earlier this month.





I realized that with this group, I've now painted 65 minis in all since I've started about two years ago, not counting one test mini I did.

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Nice work!  I couldn't help but think that they were afraid to get their bony feet dirty, when I first saw them as they're all standing on rocks. :D

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Nice work! I couldn't help but think that they were afraid to get their bony feet dirty, when I first saw them as they're all standing on rocks. :D

Proof that skeletons are no good at stealth -- their feet clatter against hard stone instead of soft earth.


I will probably add some grass tufts to the bases later, to help disguise those rocks.


EDIT: I just thought: Maybe they are afraid of the dirt. They're using rocks to avoid stepping on hallowed earth.


Now that would be an interesting combat encounter. Our heroes, minus a cleric and with no way to turn undead, flee across a rocky field into a churchyard for refuge. On reaching their supposed sanctuary, they turn to see...

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Really nice rust effects on the axes!


Beautiful! And the rust on the axes is fantastic. Definitely gonna need a tetanus shot after scuffling with those guys... ::P:


Thanks. I'm going to need to work on old bronze, however. That helmet...

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Excellent looking! These guys are a current wip for me. Haven't gotten to the guy you painted in blue yet. Great job on the rust, I am still either overdoing or underdoing my rust.

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