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Airbrushable sealer like Dullcote?


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My favorite matte varnish is Lascaux matte varnish. I've only seen Lascaux at Dick Blick, but I find the expense worth the results. I can airbrush the Lascaux without dilution, and the Lascaux does an excellent job of knocking out the shine as long as I keep the coat relatively light.



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Liquitex makes a gloss varnish that works very well. I spray it undiluted in a .5 needle at about 15psi and as long as you put enough on for a smooth wet surface to form it works fantastically and dries to the touch within a few minutes. Even if you accidentally apply too much it will dry clear. It is also quite good for using on bones and other flexible minis as while it is strong when dried it is still flexible and won't crack from being bent. One of the larger advantages of Liquitex is that it is also availabe in sizes from 4 oz to a gallon, so if you plan on buying a lot you can save quite a bit of money from volume.


Liquitex also make a matte that works quite well but can be problematic if you over spray, although that tends to happen with mattes. Apply it after the gloss for a matte finish and the two combined provide a great deal of protection and has the advantage that if the matte coat starts to wear off from handling/time it is easy to figure out and reapply.


Know that any dilution of any gloss coat will create weaker protection. Frankly I'm not entirely sure how much dilution it takes to weaken enough to actually matter, just know that it is a concern.

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Seconded on the Liquitex gloss varnish, followed by the matte varnish. I add just a little water to the varnish to improve its use in an airbrush. When spraying matte, makes sure it lands on the model wet, or you'll get that familiar "frosting" or "dusting".


Do not let the varnish dry out in the airbrush, or on the tip. It's nasty to clean up if you do, since once dry, it seems resistant to many solvents.


EDIT: I'm a fan of the Army Painter Anti-Shine matte varnish spray, but it's much too expensive for me. I'm saving it for "special" projects. When my rattle-can is empty, that's it.

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