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I tried to come up with something witty to say for this ol'fellow, but I gave up. Same composition as the others, and magnetized to allow weapon swaps.: 




Chaos marine weapons (meltagun and chainsword, flagellant head, techno priest body. Skull on the base is from an old warhammer skeleton, along with some sprue.


Edit: I noticed I forgot to drill the weapon.. got to do that asap. :)



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Great looking miniature. Love the head, from what kit it's taken from?

One thing though: nothing improves the look of a gun like drilling a hole in the barrel  :)



The head is from the Warhammer Flagellant pack. Games Workshop. As I mentioned below the pictures, the weapon has already been drilled. It was something I forgot until I uploaded the photo. :)


Edit: Replaced the photo, with the completed mini. :)

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