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It's okay, i'm not discouraged  ^_^ Though I think I am about done with this fellow. 


The friend I'm painting all these big minis for just wants table-top quality, and as I'm doing them for free, because he's a good friend of my husband and I, i'm not going to worry too much about doing amazing quality jobs on them  :ph34r: though I will try and highlight the black a bit more before i truly call him done

That's funny, your 'tabletop quality' is everyone else's 'competition quality'.


" Siri, I'm here for my minis." " I'm not done yet, I still have to touch them up." " But I need them for my game tonight!" " But I still have so much to do, like touching up the wings, maybe using nightshade purple and teal on the black, adding 14 more layers of highlights that are barely discernable to the naked eye...."


This is how I imagine how difficult it is to wrestle one's minis away from you once you've started painting them, you're our little perfectionist. Teasing with love, of course. ::P:

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Freehanded white where lava will be, and then filled them in with plain orange for now    

base coating black over the orange

Added some darker orange and red in, and then added some yellow to the lava base   dry brushed white lightly over the base and added spots to the other wing   re-applied black to the side scales w

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Haha that's why I gave myself a little bit more to do on him but won't kill myself over trying to make him perfect (that will come when I do this color scheme for myself )

I know I am not getting paid to do this so I am just having fun XD

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Haha that's why I gave myself a little bit more to do on him but won't kill myself over trying to make him perfect (that will come when I do this color scheme for myself )


I know I am not getting paid to do this so I am just having fun XD

This IS why we do this, Right?


I mean, what's the point if it isn't fun!


So Glad you are having some!



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That's funny, I thought some of us do it for that sense of utter relief they get from their ball of stress after they finally complete their figure down to the last detail/second.


for ones i keep, i'm willing to keep workign even when i start getting frustrated  ^_^ for commission work, doubly so


but for these freebies for a friend, no reason to stress i figure  ::P:

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I should send figures to Siri's doorstep just to see what would happen to them. I'm guessing that she won't be able to let them just sit there.


Uber did that once =P


The only difference is that Uber knows your address. But were the results like I said they would be?

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      Dawnsfire roars her defiance at the setting sun. although they fear her power during the day, the servants of the Dark One will come again this night, seeking once again to gain the artifact that she and her ancestors have protected for a thousand years. Someday they may rest it from her and begin the ritual open the gates of the Night, but it will not be today.

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      lots of false starts  found a wing I liked but not a dragon scheme. 

      How about a google search on lizards? 
      Bother.  nature beat me too it.   well maybe ill modify it a little .... it does look a little sillier than I want. 

      Final Drawing: 

      Ill go lighter blue on the main body and dark & striped  on the tail
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      that will give the face a less monotone coloring. 
      I want to really try and leave the liner visible between the scales. 
      Planning on getting the colors right first then adding thin black glaze to provide shading.   I guess white in half steps for  highlighting. 
      most color changes will be when the scale changes.  I'll paint the wings first, as proof of concept. 
      Kind of a fun way to spend the day.  the power went off while I was doing crayon drawings.  I didn't notice.  
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      I'm painting again after a looong absence.

      The colour scheme was inspired by Australian Frilled-neck Lizards and Thorny Devils. Base was extended with an MDF circle, cork, stones, and green stuff. I used my airbrush to prime it all and lay down the base colours, then lots of hand-painting, washing and drybrushing.
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      I've never successfully done lava so I'm attempting it again. Hopefully this little guy will be lava-riffic.
      Started with a base coat of Clear Yellow, unthinned.

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