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Storm Giant 77163 (I'll come up with a cool name when he's done!)


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Alrighty... My first official WIP thread yay......

So, I today I'm supposed to be studying for a test but I decided to take a paint break. SO, I picked a figure that looked fun and stuff... For reasons that are possibly classified, (lol, inside joke...) my storm giant whom for the moment I will call Flynn (not his official name) is missing an arm. 

I started putting flesh on him and then a bit of NMM








and then I decided on some red fabric 




Then just a bit more work on the NMM & hair and flesh










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So I worked on him a bit yesterday.



Boiled him to straighten out his sword covered some more of the fleshy areas and got a first layer or green stuff down.

Then after I finshed my Essay that's due tomorrow I went ahead and started fiddling with him again. 








But it didn't look quite right so more green stuff....






More progress later I hope!

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I think you are off to a great start. I like to use those those dolls that painters do for poses and such the few rare times when I sculpt things. Hands are horribly difficult to get right, so I usually cheat and get one from something the same size.


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If not cheating by using a hand from something else, try to hide it in a way that looks natural.

One thought is to wrap his arm up in a cloak, as some duelists would do so as extra protection...


Granted that these guys are using light Rapier like swords, but when you lose your shield or off hand weapon, any thing helps when you are fighting for your life!

That is how Thorin Oakenshield got his name....


You could either wrap it more tightly to provide more protection, or sweep it out like a matador's cape as a mis-direction thing.

Also, some people would sew coins into the bottom hems of their cloaks, both to conceal them, and to add weight so that they could whip them around in sword fights....


Hope that sparks some ideas for you!



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Great to see you back at it!


And don't forget that we are all quite child like around here!


It's more fun that way!!!!


And remember that the competition is not really you vs anyone else, see the rules on judging for an explanation...

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