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Sascha Dubois, Chronomancer's Apprentice Conversion (80004)

Chris Palmer

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This past weekend, I completed the Sascha Dubois figure that I have been posting about in the Work in Progress forum:
For those who haven't read that thread, my goal was to convert this futurisitc Science Fiction figure into a fantasy magic-user type to serve as my Chronomancer's Apprentice for my Frostgrave games.


While not the greatest paint job, it is one of the best I've done for a figure destined to be a game piece, and not one for display.  

22305274049_6226e9bfec_k.jpgIMG_5581 by cnjpalmer, on Flickr

22305278089_a57fced44c_k.jpgIMG_5582 by cnjpalmer, on Flickr



I even attempted to paint the hands on her magic  pocket watch.  :blink: 
22304420588_f8011d1cf5_k.jpgIMG_5590 by cnjpalmer, on Flickr

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Thanks for the comments!


She looks cool, though her sword is a bit large. :)


The sword is from the Bones "Mi-Sher" figure. So shouldn't be too out of scale. I figure it's size is because it's an old cavalry saber blade she obtained, probably from the same place she got the coat. :-)

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