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77046 Bat Swarm Halloween Challenge


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NomadZeke's October Challenge "Whatever you get from the Reaper Halloween treat bag, and finding a way to utilize all the special edition paints with it." 


Since I haven't completed anything lately and I got a Treat from Reaper I figured I speed paint one of the minis I received to meet the Bonus Challenge this month. I took it a bit further and limited my palette to the special paints and nightmare black.(however I cheated a bit as I made a brown wash and used it on the gravestone and ground to give them a bit of depth). I picked Nightmare black rather than a dark brown or black as it would play nice with mixes and give me a green when mixed with Pumpkin Orange.


The before photo with the paints.



And the paintwork, nothing fancy simply slathered nightmare black on everything and once dried mainly dry brushed the bats and grave stone. Then I went back with slightly thinned paints and picked out a few areas with the orange and pink. Then it was simply mixing my nightmare black with pumpkin orange for the green on the ground and highlight it with pumpkin orange. The moldy skin did make an appearance on the bats themselves with a dry brush but it is mainly featured on the skeletons with a highlight of spectral white.




All in all I spent just under an hour, managed to use all four new paints and now have a bat swarm painted for the game table. I may put them on a proper base the next time I am basing something else. 

Thank you Reaper for the Halloween Treat and Thank you NomadZeke for the challenge as it was a perfect excuse to use all the new paints and limit my palette a bit.

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Great work. I like the way you used the slightly unconventional colors on this.

Thank you, I thought it may turn out too garish, but the orange does well on the bats kinda gives them a burnt brownish look. It was the pink that had me worried.


Under an hour? Are you $&%^ kidding me?


*tosses paints in garbage and storms out*

i bet you could paint a mean speed paint in an hour as well. I've seen your diorama work that you finished in about a week. :)


"Gently picks paint out of garbage for Ub3r, places them on his workbench with a little note to challenge him to pick a bone mini and speed paint it"


Aww pcktlnt beat me to your paints.

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