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Every so often I'll run into a Soda Pop posting that is SO BEAUTIFULLY painted that I feel the need to try one myself. Your creation falls into that category. VERY WELL DONE!

Woohoo, I starred your post!

Isn't that a GREAT feeling? I get that sometimes when I boost some highly underrated piece on C.M.o.N..

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That's some amazing yellow WOW


Knowing that yellow is hard to work with, I did it first and with an airbrush.  I started by priming black, then did a zenithal coat of white paint, making sure that the top was pure white and only the very recessed areas were still dark.  Then I sprayed yellow ink over the whole miniature.  At this point, he was a bit TOO bright and not quite the tone I wanted, but that was a better to place to start from (with yellow) than too dark.  I did a few more coats with various other yellows to tone it down a bit and get a bit more gradiation.


I love the bright colors! They look great!


Cerci Speed Circuit is a faction of jet-bike racers and associated mechanics, security, etc.  So bright colors are the name of the game!




I have the older, metal Princess Malya and Mr. Tomn painted up and on my shelf (from back when they came with 50mm bases).


This is the Mr. Tomn that goes along with Questing Knight Malya, so he looks a bit different than that one.


I don't know what these are but they look great! Excellent colour choices and wonderful work on the yellow and the green gem/lense.


Soda Pop Miniatures, Relic Knights, Cerci Speed Circuit


Woohoo, I starred your post!


These are adorable. That's great work on the checkerboard patrern.


For Betty/Lug, I cut the pattern out of a piece of frisket film and airbrushed the white.  Fairly simple - the hard part was deciding on a pattern that was indicative of car races (not something I watch).


For Mr. Tomn, I cut two squares out of the frisket.  I then used that to paint black and white on the back of a bit of plastic from a blister.  That way I get the shininess of the plastic without trying to cover it in gloss sealer.


Wow, great colors, especially with Betty's skin (myself I'm always having a hard time painting black tones)

Also that's some awesome freehand, the warped checker pattern fits the plastic shape perfectly.


The only spot I could possibly bother is the blacklining on lug looking a bit sloppy which is only recognizable as a contrast to your work being overall excellent.


I've been trying to paint more multi-cultural minis, but all of SPM's concept art is of caucasian figures.  I kept the concept art colors except for her skin and hair.  I think her skin really complements the orange and overall looks better than if I'd tried to make her caucasian.


Lug was starting to turn into one of those projects that was going to drag on forever, so I just finished him up, even if I got sloppy at times.  Needed to remind myself that his primary purpose in life is as a game piece.

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