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So here is what I painted for Siri for the fall exchange. I was asked to try something new, non-standard weapons such as polearms. After some looking around I found that the Japanese Edo Era used a few different types of non-lethal polearms for catching criminals. So this is where the different polearms came to be.




Had some difficulty with the battleguard golem as his polearm kept trying to break on me, but i think it turned out okay-ish.




The easiest one was the rioter's polearm.



Any upstanding group of monster catchers has to have a designated "mule" to carry their supplies right?


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I love me some sodegarami! "sleeve tanglers," rakes and the like were all designed to capture or subdue in non-lethal (but hardly gentle) fashion. Lots of polearms fit the category, but also some smaller hand weapons, such as the sai (Raphael's weapon, if you're a TMNT fan) and the jitte (which looks a lot like a sai with only one "ear"). The art of taiho-jutsu is the practice of this sort of nonlethal subdual, often used by local law enforcement.

(this is where I'd say "/nerd" but I can't actually turn that off)


You've done some very cool conversions; I really like how the peasant came out, but the golem really takes the cake! Nicely done.

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