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Chris's Frostgrave & Ghost Archipelago Terrain Efforts

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Thanks, guys!


I didn’t get much more done today as I had to let all the glue dry. I was able to add some gravel and other debris to the base and floors. 

Its hard to see, but I used the Green Stuff World “Aztec” roller on the walls, as kind of a messing around experiment.   So it will be interesting to see how that ends up looking.  The Woodland Scenics foam sheet I used had kind of a pebbely texture to begin with, so I may not have gotten a good transfer. 


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8 hours ago, Crowley said:

How's the space in the ground level for hands? Looks like out might be tight?


Also, the foam sheet isn't just Styrofoam?


7 hours ago, Halberkill said:

The woodlands scenic sheet appears to be expanded polystyrene foam, the green stuff world rollers work better on extruded polystyrene foam, such as you would get in sheets at home depot for a lot less than woodland scenic.





        There should be enough room to move your hand around in the ground floor.  I think it may just be the perspective of the photo, making it look tight.  And, yes, it's just regular old styrofoam, but with a rougher surface texture.   


    So, I knew it wasn't ideal, but as with all things, there were reasons.   A while back a local hobby store was going out of business, and I went to look around on the last day they were open, and everything was 75%-90% off.  They had these two  large Woodland Scenics  styrofoam sheets laying in the train department, and since they only ended up costing me about .30 cents each, I thought they had an interesting enough texture to get and put aside to use for something.   So a couple weeks later, a friend lends me his Green Stuff roller to play with, and shortly after that, I realize I'm going to need three or four 12" towers for the next Ghost Archipelago scenario we are doing (The Abandoned Watchtower).  My first thought was that the cheap Woodland Scenics styrofoam sheets would be fun to play with for that, since they already had a cool surface texture and I already had them laying around, and they were so cheap as to be basically disposable.   And then I thought, hmmm, maybe this is an opportunity to play around with the Aztec roller on one of them too.  The rest is history...

      It's was just a quick build to get a tower made over the weekend.  I still plan to do more serious work with the Roller later. 

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